Steve Buratto, a good candidate for Head Coach!!!!!

Grey Cup winning coach with the BC Lions in 2000 currently OC with the Calgary Stamps. I believe Cat Management should look at Steve Buratto as a potential candidate for HC Job.

Some Stats on Steve Buratto.

Steve Buratto - Associate Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator

CFL: Entering -26th Season
Stampeders: Entering - 4th Season

Steve enters his second season as Offensive Coordinator with the Stampeder Football Club.

In 2005, Buratto brought together a bunch of new faces and moulded them into one of the most feared offensive units in the CFL. Near the end of season the Stampeders hit their peak, making them nearly impossible to stop on several occasions. The team finished near the top of several categories including first in average gain per pass (9.3). They would also finish in the top three with most yards total offence (6,913), average yards offence per game (384.1), most yards net rushing (2,311), average yards rushing per game (128.4), most times rushed (391), average gain per rush (5.9), fewest yards penalized (1,409) and fewest QB sacks (27).

The unit was led by Quarterback, Henry Burris who completed 265 of 435 passes with a 60.9% (career high). Despite missing three and a half games, Burris still managed to throw for over 4,000 yards finishing the season with 4,290. He also rushed the ball 82 times for 513 yards (career high), averaging 6.3 yards per carry (career high with over 2 attempts) and 9 touchdowns (career high). For the first time in his career he was named to the Western All-Star team. Receiver Nik Lewis in only his second season, finished second in the league with 80 catches (career high) for 1,379 yards (career high) and nine touchdowns (career high). Running Back Joffrey Reynolds finished the season fifth all-time in Stampeder history with 247 carries for 1,437 yards, averaging 5.8 yards per carry, and eight touchdowns. His 1,437 yards was the 2nd highest in the CFL.

In 2004, Steve led the BC Lions as offensive coordinator to several number one categories in the league. Under his tutelage the Lions led the league in the following categories: most points scored (544), most td’s scored (63), most TD’s passing (45), average points scored per game (30.2), average time of possession (31:55), most first downs (429), most first downs passing (262), most yards total offence (7726), average yards offence per game (429.2), average gain per pass (10.1), most yards net passing (6335), and average yards passing per game (351.9). The Lions also finished second in several categories; most yards net rushing (1985), average yards rushing per game (110.3), most passes completed (409), and highest percentage pass completions (65.2%).

Also in 2004, various Lions players reached career highs in several categories. Quarterback Casey Printers looked unstoppable at times under Buratto’s system, finishing the season as the league’s Most Outstanding Player. His numbers were remarkable including his pass percentage (65.8%), average gain per pass (10.3), passing touchdowns (35) and touchdown percentage (7.1%). Printers finished the season with the highest pass efficiency rating in the league (115.0).

Steve’s offence also had two of the top three receivers in the league, Geroy Simon finished on top with 103 catches for 1750 yards and 14 touchdowns while Jason Clermont was third in the league with 83 catches for 1220 yards and 7 touchdowns.

In 2003, Steve entered the season as the Lions offensive coordinator. Under his offensive system the Lions led the league in the following categories: most TD passes (42), most yards total offence (7593), average yards offence per game (421.8), average gain per pass (10.0),and highest percentage pass completions (67.6%).
On August 20, 2000, Steve was named Head Coach of the Lions where he remained until the 2003 season. In 2001 the Lions finished the season with 8 wins and 10 losses, which was the same record as the eventual Grey Cup Champion Calgary Stampeders. In 2002, the Lions bettered their record winning 2 more games, finishing the season with 10 wins and 8 losses.

Too old.

What about John Jenkins?

I think Buratto would be a good HC if we could actually get him....and I doubt we could.

I don't think he's too old? What is he....early to mid 50's? I think that's a good age for a HC.

Bring back Ron, RD and DMac. :thup:

What's the one position on offence we're pretty solid at?

Running back.

Jenkins doesn't know what a running back is.

And he looks too much like Ric Flair.

Jenkins doesn't know what a running back is.

This pretty much sums up why Jenkins is such a bad OC and by extention such a bad choice for ANY position that might involve decision making for any teams offence. To suggest he'd make a good HC would be laughable if it weren't so scary.

Good thread, Garthman.

If he applies for the Ticat head coaching position, Steve Buratto certainly has the experience to be one of the front runners.

In addition to the background already provided in this thread, it is of note that Buratto won a Grey Cup as head coach of the B.C. Lions in 2000 when they defeated the Montreal Alouettes by a score of 28-26. Coincidentally, the Alouettes were then coached by Charlie Taaffe, who is now a leading candidate for the Ticat head coaching job.

Buratto was also the offensive coordinator of the Baltimore Stallions in 1994 and 1995. The Stallions appeared in the Grey Cup each of those years, winning in 1995.

Sigpig raises an interesting point on the question of age. The information available on Buratto does not mention his age. However, it appears that he was playing NCAA football back in 1965. He could therefore be approximately 60 years of age. Charlie Taaffe is currently 56 years of age. If their health holds up, both Buratto and Taaffe should still have several productive coaching years ahead of them.

You should hope that the Cats look elsewhere for their next HC.

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