Steve Baratto Coach of the Riders?

It appears he did not apply but Tillman has request he have an interview. So did Richie Hall fail his interview or something. Yes this is speculation but why would add another candiate that did not apply?

because tillman wants to try find the best one. he knows hall and might look at him as the best fit, but you never know until you look.

Maybe he did apply. Maybe Toronto doesnt know he did. People with jobs check on other jobs all of the time. A lot of the time they do it without the boss knowing dont they? Bigger question is this. How can Toronto say no to Reed interviewing for a head coaching job? If Tillman had told Richie Hall he couldnt interview for Montreal HC job wouldnt he have been steamed.

Jesus, 05. Is this really the best you have? No one so many people call your posts troll posts. That's exactly what this is.

First you rag on Tillman for letting Austin go. Now you're trying to stir the pot because Tillman is looking for the best possible replacement instead of just handing it to someone?

Chief what the heck are you tlaking about. Read my post I want opinions on this issue. I find it odd that you now being a mod come on here and accuse me of a troll. Time to grow up.

Austin it stated on the cfl news here he did not apply. I am sure if he was going to apply he would have to let the Argos know because he is under contract. It appears they have given him permission for an interview. The question is why with solid candidated already lined up would you add a guy that did not apply? That is a prefectly legit question wether chief likes it or not. This site is beginning to su-ck because you can not even ask questions with out being acused of something. Pathetic is it not.

I read the story 05. Stubler said it. So that makes it a fact? Did the Riders say he didnt? Maybe he did. Maybe he didnt. Maybe we will never know. Much happens we do not see. Or know about. And we have to be careful about the newspaper. Everything they say isnt fact. Maybe the Riders are $150,000 over the cap. Maybe the arent. Not trying to fight 05. But there may be more to this Buratto story. Or more than just what Stubler says or thinks.

I don't know how one "fails" an interview--you either feel you aced it or you did poorly, but its not a pass/fail kind of a thing. I believe Hall is the best choice, but Tillman is doing his due diligence, finding and interviewing all potential candidates for the job.
The new coach will have a tough act to follow, as fans here will accept nothing less than another trip to the GC game.

I'm mildly surprised Tillman has asked to interview Buratto. I was under the impression Rossley and Cortez were the front runners. Why then get someone's hopes up by interviewing them when it appears they don't have a chance. Maybe the first two have given Tillman the impression they are not all that interested unless they were highly paid.
Rossley as a off. coord. in the NFL would be making more then a CFL head coach. Cortez of course wouldn't be making more then 1 hundred and a 1/4 but he never been a head coach, that I know of. So maybe Eric is having second thoughts and wants someone with HC experience.
Somehow I still think it will be Rossley.

I seriously doubt Tillman would interview anyone that he didnt think had a chance.

Thanks austin for your answer. Thats not bring the other thread over here. But do you not find it interesting that Tillman searched out Buratto not the other way. Again I am not critizing Tillman on this issue. Just looking for opinions.

Good point Sambo and yes I guess you really may have find someone that can take the heat. Here is another question for you Richie Hall being a rookie HC if he got the job do you think he could take the heat if the club starts off slow in the season or do you feel a seasoned vet HC would do a better job?

This was my thoughts exactly. I still think at the end of the day thought the best person would be Richie Hall even with out the experience. He knows the the system already in place and would be a smoother transition. If they gave him support of experienced OC and DC that would make it all the much easier for him. But I think Rossley and Cortez may be long shots for the job. Thus he wanted to bring in someone with experience. Good points there doubleblue. much as Hall has the ability to perhaps take it to the next level, there is an age old problem with assistants elevating to HC on the same team...a prime example of that was making Jim Playfair the head coach of the flames last year....

...all too often an AC is the players buddy, a sort of buffer between the player and the HC, he can enforce the HC's decision, but can also act as the good cop to the HC's bad cop...this, by design, makes him the players you ask the AC to become the HC, and the roles get changed....sometimes the HC cannot be the taskmaster as his players do not see the threat (as in Playfair's case) or the HC still tries to be the buddy (re: Danny Barrett) and players perfromance can be indifferent to the coach (he's my friend, he wouldn't cut me)....this could be a big obstacle for Hall to overcome...

Good point Red but why do you think Steve Buratto was a last min add on?

...Tillman may already have his man, but one should always consider all the opportunities out there....buratto was being groomed as the next HC here until things went south in '06 so he's got the stuff to be considered....I suppose Tillman is keeping options open...

...from a strictly poker playing angle, it could be that the man Tillman wants to go with is digging in his heels on negotiations, so the best thing to do is begin talking to someone else, a negotiating tactic that says the front runner is not the only runner.....

So if that was the reason. Then Buratto is bait to force Tillmans hand. I believe that is a good move. But playing poker can backfire as well.

I suspect the problem isn't that he can't find anyone. I suspect it is two fold, first they made a commitment to their existing Assistants that there wouldn't be change with a new head coach. So the first year of the new coach could be a slight problem area.

The second, I suspect he is looking at all possibilities. Interviewing Burratto is smart, he has been around the league and knows the teams. He would be benefical for the riders.

05, nowhere did I call you a troll. I said your posts were trolls posts because that's how I felt.

When I first read your post it sounded to me like you were trying to create some sort of coaching controversy with the Riders. If that wasn't your intention, then I apologize.

But I stand by what I said. Tillman is merely doing his job. You can't fault him for that. I'm sure Hall is the leading candidate, but that doesn't mean Tillman can't look at a few other possibilities. It doesn't mean he's lost faith in Hall. It just means he's exhausting every possibility. He's doing what any good GM would.

Personally, I don't think there's much of a story here.