Steve "Afterburner" Turner

So anybody have any thoughts on this guy? Hella fast it seems after his performance in the e-camp.. Is he going to win a spot and how much will they pay him?

Just trying to keep my local friend and long suffering Argo fan informed.

Nothing? No comments either way?

Aright I'll pick this up.

Honestly I think Toronto could use any strength they can get. Could be a great kick/punt returner or even receiver for this team. Dont know much about him so i cant say much more.

He is very fast, will have more comments during training camp. You know we won a Grey Cup in 2004 and were first in the East in 2005 & 2007. We have really only suffered two years.

It looks to me like either he'll be able to pull a Larry Taylor (not necessarily try to jump to the NFL after only one season though) or he'll be one of many such undersized burners to have given a go as a kick returner in the NFL or CFL who would be better off just running track.

I'm taking the "under" on this guy.

I really like Turner. Fast as all get out. He could be a very dynamic kick returner for the Argos. I was hoping the Cats would get him in the draft, but it was not to be. Good pick by the Boatmen.

Well I won my bet but this is sure a very sad way to win. With that sort of devastating injury he won't be the same again and who knows if he'll ever play given that his speed and athleticism were the only things going for him given his diminutive size. :frowning:

Yeah, what a bad break for the kid. The Achilles takes a long time to heal so am I right in saying this could possibly end his season? I'm trying to think of other players with this injury and how they performed after recovering but the only player that comes to mind is Matt Dunigan however his happened late in his career so I don't think you can compare the two. Hope he's a quick healer and can make it back sooner rather than later.

Tough injury....can he respond ? Can Wide Receivers with that type of injury regain there speed ?

I (stupidly) completely forgot about Ken-Yon Rambo last year and his achilles. That one was season ending so it wll be interesting to see what he does this year.

If Turner came back this year more than likely he would re-injure either that Achilles or yet another part of his lower body, as the risk of doing so with such a devastating injury is very high. I had a far more minor strange non-sports related and non-accidental knee injury myself back in July 2008, and mind you it took me 11 months to be able to sprint again at full speed and even longer to be able to jump as high or kick at 100% strength.

Grant it of course that Turner is much younger at perhaps 23 versus 38 for me now, and that'll work to his advantage, but even when one is that age though the healing is faster the risk of re-injury due to basic body imbalance as I explain below remains.

One will feel okay and even great once the healing process is off and running and the need for as strong pain killers goes down, but that I can tell you is when the trouble really can start for sake of risk of re-injury. From that point forward to get back to 100% it seems to take at least twice as long as one thinks though you feel absolutely great and even can keep in great shape all-around with the extra time on your hands.

Your entire body has to be rehabbed diligently, for when any one point is weakened for a long period of time, naturally the rest of your body compensates for the weakness such that your balance is off and also the chance of injury or yet another joint or straining another body part is very high.

From this sort of serious injury involving a rupture or tear, the experience of many other players is such that they do return to play but the killer speed never returns as is critical for a player of diminutive stature like Turner.

Of course he'll be working with the very best in physicians in Canada if not also in the US, as note Colorado happens to have the highest concentration of orthopaedic specialists in the country by no accident (think skiing, mountain biking, climbing, et cetera), so I would wish all the best to anyone going through a far more serious injury than I have endured myself only as an amateur playing and training for rugby union, football (punter/kicker), and soccer. :thup: