Steroids in the CFL?

One topic that I have not seen, and I do believe they are in the CFL. So who do you beleive is using. My self, sadly because I am a fam of this guy I beleive AJ Gass is, Kidd, and Monferd, Just to name a few.

Mark Word sure is one big adept. He's huge, he overreacts all the time and has showned no ability to think with his head. Three good clues...

I've heard from reliable sources that Jason Clermont is on the juice. Didn't believe it at first but the people I was talking to attended several camps and tryouts with him in his earlier years. It sucks to hear that such a great receiver isn't all natural.

Not as bad in the CFL as in the NFL and the other pro leagues.

It's actually the exact opposite kanga..... the nfl has testing programs whereas the cfl doesn't.

is that because the problem is obviously higher in the NFL?

What are you trying to say? re-phrase that in english, please.

sorry, mate, been a long day

I don't really follow the NFL that much, but i know that they have testing procedures for steroids and the CFL doesn't. Therefore, I'm making the assumption that the CFL probably has more steroid and performance enhancing athletes. I haven't heard of any steroid problems in the NFL this year, have there been any Kanga?

Yes, I bet there has been already, but they haven't made it to the media spotlight as the MLB has.

dude, just look at the huge size of the NFL players to the CFL ones, you can't tell me that the NFL players haven't been doing something to there bodies besides working out.

There may be more players in the NFL but there are policies about steroid use and testing for it. This instills a fear in their minds, and nearly all the players choose not to use steroids. The CFL has no policies or testing procedures in place, so it seems that you can easily get away with steroid use. Even though we have less players, the lack of a league policy governing the use of steroids is nonexistent.

I bet there is a problem with a few players in the CFL, but only a few.

WHY? cuz unlike the NFL, players don’t look like they are about to break out of their uniform and/or kill over and die.