Steroid/HGH Investigation at University of Waterloo

Here is the link to an article titled “Drug investigation puts Ontario universities on alert” by Allan Maki on the Globe and Mail website today. The article indicates that the Kitchener-Waterloo police acknowledge that an investigation of possible steroid and/or HGH trafficking is underway. An unnamed University of Waterloo football player has apparently been suspended from campus and, as a precaution, the entire 65 player Waterloo football team was tested for steroids and HGH on Wednesday. The article notes that athletes from other nearby Ontario universities such as Wilfrid Laurier, McMaster, Guelph, and Western Ontario will also be tested soon.

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According to this article by Nicole O'Reilly in today's Hamilton Spectator, random drug testing was conducted on six of the 75 member McMaster football team by representatives of the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports on Wednesday, the same day that the entire Waterloo football team was tested, and it will take up to two weeks for any results:

This news item by Allan Maki on the Globe and Mail website today reports that a University of Waterloo football player has been charged with possession of narcotics with intent to traffic. The article also states that this player participated at the recent Canadian Football national scouting combine.

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