Stern stepping away - New owner

Stern stepping away from Alouettes


Quite unfortunate! Could be the end for this Franchise. No one is interested in losing millions and millions years after years.

Hoping for a new Owner.


Randy hastily checking his rolodex to see if he still has these guys phone numbers:

Eric Lapointe
The Lenkovs
Clifford Starke the weed guy
Vince Guzzo
Claridge Group

And for Stern to pull the plug mid-season like this is an absolute shitty thing to do, no matter the circumstances.


Except now he will have no negotiating ability.

Lapointe and Guzzo must be laughing.


Shocking news!
Massive blow to Alouettes and the League!

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Believed he de activated his Twitter account too.

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It there is a lesson to be learned it is that you have to have local ownership.


Maciocia doit être nerveux.

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I did not see this coming! I'm at a loss for words right now. :frowning_face:

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The only silver lining I can think of right now is Claridge/Bronfman.

Bronfman did not want to buy the Alouettes 3 years ago, because he was heavily invested in bringing the Tampa Bay Rays to Montreal. Now that that project is over, would he be interested in the Alouettes?


That could be huge


Didn't see this coming with Stern being so active on Twitter. Hopefully local ownership can be found soon.

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I wonder when the CFL and the Alouettes will make an official statement?

With Spiegel's estate having 75% of ownership, is it possible, as some have already suggested, that Stern was kicked out by the estate? He and Spiegel had a good relationship but the article suggests the estate hasn't responded to Stern in the same way.

Hopefully the league has the rest of the season to find new ownership for the team.

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Sure seems like the estate made it impossible for Stern to continue.

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If Stern is so gung-ho on the Alouettes and the CFL, why doesn't he buy out the estate? How expensive can it be? Or is this just his excuse to divorce himself from what he has found to be a money losing proposition.

In checking I see that Spiegel had 2 sons and 2 daughters, one of which is Stern's wife. So that would be the estate.

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He was a 25% owner, probably doesn't have deep enough pockets to buy out the 75%.

If the estate were controlled by Stern's wife only, this split wouldn't make any sense. Likely the other Spiegel kids are the ones icing Stern out. Just a guess, though.

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D apres moi, plus a la fin de la saison.

There were two different locals interested back when Spiegel and Stern were the chosen ones.

Hard to imagine two of them willing to re visit this venture.