stepping stone

"This is a stepping stone for me"

CC was a friend...he can go f himself

Never been madder in my life


Prithee, whereof speakest thou?

I'll maybe say more sober. I probably shouldn't have sais sh1t now

Livid..........I had never been this pissed off I my life....livid

At Amy rate....nasty wind, invigorating win no matter how you look at it. Smith looked better as the game passed. We felt at half that the OL adjustments would tell the tale of Dyce. I am now huge on Dyce

Well done



Step back depop. Obviously you are not happy and I'm sure you have your reasons but perhaps not the best time to air them now if at all. You seem to have a link with the team and it would be a real shame to lose that in the heat of the moment.

Cool your jets and come back and when you do and then spill the beans. :wink: little humor, there I know very little but on short notice its the best I can do.

Yeah...less drunk

Enjoy the win and watch out for the hangover. :smiley:

ploen truth I see you hail from the red rock. Where abouts ? I lived there many many many moons ago. Just a few miles from Vernon River.

Just drove through Vernon River today. I live in Charlottetown. Born in Hamilton however, at least as many moons ago as you’re talking about.

I see Depop is back… sober… lol… now can he answer this question he started?? lol

Who says he's sober yet? :wink: I'm sure if he wants to share he will, too much pop can make you say or do things you regret later. Might be better just to pass it off as an OOPS.

Not sure I should say more. I am still livid though. Chamblin is scum

Lol I was born in Brampton, moved to PEI in the early 60's moved out west in the early 70's. Still have relatives in both PEI and Ontario. Last down there in 2004. Been too long away, really love the island in the Summer, Winter not so much, but that could be said about most of Canada. :slight_smile:

fair enough, yah he's not high in my books either, I did not know him personally.

This doesn't surprise me in the least. Comming from someone who knows him personally or at least better than the average fan. Been thinking the guy was bad news since his handling of Allen last year, and the Q.B. joke that played out last year, and the thinking he can out coach Ritchie Hall, and the " I am a great coach and will continue to be" in this years media rants, and the 50 documented (rewatch the games and game film) screw ups in his coaching decisions this year, and the 2 - 18 record the last 20 games he has coached, just felt that he a lot more going on in kis Kitchen than just being a s hitty coach and was off his rocker a bit. As I posted earlier I wouldn't be surprised if the next we hear of Chamblain is on CNN and not a sports channel.

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tip of the iceberg

So Depop, now that things have settled down a bit, can you fill us in a bit on what caused your disgust with Chamblain. Even ballpark details would do. I'm curious as to what happened that made you so livid with him.

they touch on the tip of the iceburg on TV now...I rewatched the game on TV and heard them dabling on it...they know more but it is not coming out because that is not what you do

I think I kind of get the jist of it. It's kinda an awkward spot. You can't just continue to let players make critical mistakes to lose games. The Riders should have at least 7 wins on the season if not for players taking their heads out of the game with under 5 minutes left in so many match ups.

That really had nothing to do with it...or at least to what I refer