Stephen Sorrells named Elks offensive line coach

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Elks have hired Stephen Sorrells as their new offensive line coach, the club announced Thursday.

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Wonder if Taylor Cornelius has heard this news yet? Better get faster in the off season or bulk up Taylor, it could be a bumpy ride.

There is such a thing as an O line coach ... Why do the riders not know if this novel idea :bulb:

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Sorrells was the Riders' Offensive Line Coach this past season. And they were offensive. Are the Elks trying to lose more games?

I hope so. We gonna need that help

He's been the O Line coach since 2017. He was one of Jones' guys for a couple years. Jones is surrounding himself with the familiar.

Difference is - the GM in Edmonton goes forth and finds players when the ones he has are not getting the job done, instead of sitting on his thumbs doing bugger all......season after season.

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Can't argue that.

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well in some ways you are correct but the previous two seasons the same GM you just trashed is sask took his team to one play from a grey cup appearance...losing to to the great Bomber team both times.
Certainly, something went wrong with the green team, but to just say it was one thing alone and for the reasons you pointed out is stretching reality to say the least... from a fan who has a sole driving force of simply wanting to trash an opposing team

Riders recent success was based on the players and foundation built by ODay's predecessors. As those players brought in by previous GMs have left, aged out, or been injured, ODay has failed to find the next men up.

We've seen this for 2 years at OLine because those are the positions with the shortest career span/most wear and tear on the body. We are now seeing it at other positions.

Someone else built the successes. All ODay has done is squander the opportunity and fail to keep the momentum.

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Nailed it.

Thanks @Hit.em.hard for clarifying because this often happens in sports. Coaches and GM's build a team that goes on to success and their successors get the credit. Then go on to destroy the team - like Maciocia did here, win the Grey Cup one year and then go 5-13 the next.

In this case I think coach Sorrells was put in a tough situation last season, blocking on 2nd and long, when other teams know you are throwing and blitz, more often than any other O-Line in the league.

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It was the offensive line who put them in 2nd and long through sacks and holding calls

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All you can do as a coach is the best you can with what you got - and he didn't have much to work with last year plus he had QB who hung onto the ball too long because defences could read who his primary receiver was and cover them because he was staring them down.
No oline in any football league can hold off the rush 5-6 seconds a play for a whole game.

...after all the dumpster fire Elks comments this year I say your GM fell down on the job and I'm trashing the Riders?

If you want trash look in O'Days office. Oh sorry, you should recycle all those phone lists and offer sheet for prospective OC's that have turned the Riders down......

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Hit a nerve did I
Pretty much a given the Elk will finish better than the riders in 2023... you are on year two of a total rebuild. Riders are beginning 2023 three levels under the ground please do not come back here saying you were vindicated by the upcoming math. You know your words here are driven solely by your fan ship, and emboldened by what is about to take place with the Elk and the riders season next year. Everyone sees it and knows it too. so lets just get back to being good fans who try to get along better...and you can stop the flinging of the shite anytime now. It is going to long off season so let's not get a firestorm started just to pass the time.

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I didn’t read sqishy's comments that way.

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I thought all those problems were on display last season. When Mcadoo left to come to Edmonton I figured Cody was in for a sink or swim season.

Quite frankly I thought he would be better than he was. But he instead showed how much he owed Mcadoo for his success in previous seasons.

just being bad here

Sure as hell did not help having an inept offensive coordinator at the helm. Will be interesting to see how he makes out. I love the CFL - it keeps recycling its coaches from team to team.