Stephen McGee

Maybe it is time to give this fellow a shot. With that beard , he's got to be great. lol But I was looking at his resume and not to bad at all. Who do we have as 3rd or 4th?

McGee is our 4th. The chart goes Zach Collaros, Dan LeFevour, Jeremiah Masoli, Stephen McGee.

With Collaros and LeFevour out, that makes McGee our 2nd now... The question pikk is asking is who are 3 and 4? All I hope is that we never have to find out!

I suppose so. But yeah, one should hope that we don't find out. I'd love to dream that Zach'll be ready to go for next week, but I really, really doubt that. A few commentators have made jokes about some of the running backs and receivers that have throwing experience in the past few weeks. Let's not put that to the test..

8) The new QB chart today would be No. 1 Massoli No. 2 McGee, and No. 3 Jacory Harris (on 1 game IR).
    I would assume that if no other QB is signed,  Jacory Harris might be moved to the active roster, depending on the 
    situation of the other 2 QB's.

I did a quick youtube search of him. A lot of video there. He sure is a mobile guy. Some good running TDs but it appeared to me that the Aggies ran the ball first, passed if needed.

AHEM! [url=] ... igado.html[/url] ;-)

One tough redneck watch this

Wow! Could it be that, after that hit, he’s just forgotten to shave every day? :roll:

From what Drew Edwards is saying, it sounds like McGee will be platooned in with Masoli so we will definitely see him play.

From Masoli's decision making however, we would have seen McGee take the reigns at some point in the second half.

At least we will get to see more of our talent pool, although I often am less impressed with former NFLers than other fans. The video show's he's tough, and knows how to find a running lane, but I find that without intense preparation and commitment, a lot of first year guys under-estimate the difference the field size and extra defender make. We will wait and see on labour day.

If Masoli can take another year or two to learn, slow the game down for himself, he has the physical tools for a good career. He needs to develop his decision making and leaderships skills however, or risk becoming the next Mike Bishop.

LOL Hall is quickly moving up from 10.

Currently it's Jeremiah Masoli, Stephen McGee & Jacory Harris and maybe a 4th Russ Jackson he's still hanging around and great to see, probably still has a canon for an arm?


I think that Jackson is on the REDBLACKS neg list :wink: After all he’s only a few years older than Hank :lol: