Stephen Garcia

Moe has gotten wind that the Als are thinking of working out Stephen Garcia at rookie camp. The guy is a superb talent and tough rushing QB who's had bouts with Alcohol. Very interesting prospect.

Just too much of a risk, methinks. No team needs off field distractions.

Looks pretty clean to me. He’s off the bottle, dropped over 20 pounds.

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Its the old adage that everyone deserves a 2nd chance, and if theyre really talented they get a 3rd and 4th.

But how can the coaches assess all these QBs with just 2 pre-season games?

Il a 24 ans. Il ne pourrait être prêt pour la LCF avant 3 ans. La question est de savoir si les autres candidats ne valent pas plus la peine que lui. Très probable.

C’est un quart qui a gagne des GROS matchs pour les Gamecock.Des matchs qu’ils auraient jamais du gagner, et pas juste une fois… 3, 4 fois par saison. Finalement il s’est fait larguer pour des bris de conduites, Des partys de boissons, mais des choses qu’on considererait ridicule ici. Par exemple il s’est fait prendre a boire sur un party de campus a 20 ans. Bien ici a 16, 17 ans c’a prend une biere dans les party de CEGEPS pis ca rentre dans les clubs.

Moi je je pense que c’est un prospect interessant !

Als themselves tweeting that Garcia has been added to the "roster".

Has been added to Als 1 game injury list.


For salary cap reasons I`m sure he will go on the practice roster after this game. If they were really in love with him they would have had him at training camp.

Could be claimed by another team if they try to put him on practice roster. Could be transferred to 9 game injury list.

I don’t expect Anthony Barrette,Kristian Matte and Michael Montgomery to be on 1 game injury list for too long. Matte will be added to roster soon or cut; could be the same for Montgomery. If Matte is not added to roster,Barrette could/should be.


I doubt Matte is going anywhere but I could be wrong.

Happy Independence Day to all our American friends. Hopefully not all are as gullible as this:

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Well I can see how someone who knows nothing of the games CFL GM's play would pick something like that up.

Man that's funny and sad all at the same time.

Jim Popp talking to a South Carolina station about Garcia:

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