Stephen Brunt Predicts Death Of CFL in Todays Globe....Again

Brunt is at it again in the Friday Globe.
Same old same old article. He's becoming a joke.

And did you hear Ted Rogers joked about how he was able to buy the 600 million dollar taxpayer paid for Skydome for a piddly 25 million?

If I was there I would have slapped the greedy SOB in the face.

If any Toronto team should be worried if the Bills arrive, it's should be Blue Jays not the Argos.

The Argos are a mom & pop operation, which mainly relies on tickets sales to individuals and families. While the Jays, like an NFL team in Toronto, cater to the business exec's and their customers. A large portion of the Jay's tickets are used for promotional purposes by large corporations. The Jays, who had been losing up to $50 million every year, relies on these corporate purchases for their very existence...the very same market the NFL will be going after. And frankly the Jays pale in comparison to the NFL, which gets going in earnest in July, right in the heart of the baseball season, and will dominate the sports pages and talk shows through their season.

Can the Jays afford to lose 10%, 20% or 30% or their corporate clients and still be a viable operation? Will Rogers continue to be happy losing that much coin every season? And with the NFL coming, facing even bigger losses?? And what about the Jays' corporate sponsorships and TV revenue, which will largley be scooped by an NFL team's lustre?.

In comparison the 150-yr-old Argos have a solid base of fans who buy tickets every year, but their national corporate and TV revenue is only a miniscule portion of their income, and they could probably weather an NFL storm in Toronto much better than other Toronto teams.

You got it Xuys, excellent read! Also, Rogers knows the Jays cannot survive in the RC, a stadium that is anything but a baseball retro looking stadium that is so desired by the baseball fans of today. And with the little revenue sharing in MLB, well, I don't see them building a new baseball stadium. They see, and I agree with Rogers, that the RC will be best suited for football and the sooner they get the stadium to 60,000+ by whatever methods, the better for both the CFL for Grey Cups and the Bills in their games there.

This is more about the Jays than the Argos survival I think who will be fine at an expanded BMO which is but a guarantee I've heard. The 60,000+ RC might be also what the doctor ordered for Toronto to go after the 100th GC in what 5 years.

Well CFL fans maybe a boycott of any Rogers interprizes would be a good start. Even though he could probably sustain any backlash from this. But hey the only way to a rich man is through his wallet. :lol:

You know what red, I actually sort of like Ted in a way with all of this. I think he is acknowledging the problems baseball have and wants out, isn't going to build a new baseball facility in Toronto. With football, the NFL, he knows eventually he will make money and with the ratings and TV product the NFL is, well, Rogers is in the TV business.

And I love football and couldn't care less about the Jays to be honest. And if it means in Canada's largest city they/we (live in Hamilton) get a more football stadium, bigger than now, surely this could be good for some GC's there. Ok, so the NFL is there too. I think maybe the two can coexist perhaps, honestly, and maybe even feed off of one another. Especially if the Jays start to really tank and Rogers unloads them.

Earl below is Ralph's own words!

The 89-year-old Wilson maintained his stance that having the Bills play in Toronto is an attempt to expand the team's brand in the vibrant Southern Ontario market and thus further solidify its future in Buffalo. from the Calgary Sun

To me it is a ploy to attract more fans to the Bills in Buffalo nothing more. He also stated when he dies the team would go to the highest bidder. There are several richer buyers in the USA then the three in Toronto. Los Angeles is just ripe for the taking.

I found this article on the Bills site at I think it makes Brunt look like an idiot...

Dave Perkins of the Toronto Star writes that taxpayer money will be used to build Toronto an NFL stadium.
The guy actually seemed serious.

Never mind not one NHL or CFL team has gotten one penny to help build their stadiums. And never will.

Perkins thinks we in CAnada will pay for an NFL stadium? All I can say is Perkins and Brunt the best we got in this country?

berezin, the record no. of viewers for the SB speaks volumes to the politicians in Toronto who, from a tourism point of view, would love nothing better (so would I if I was them), to expose the city of Toronto to a SB and the number of potential tourists. Don't underestimate this at all I don't think.

Yes red, more people in Buffalo but they already get quite a bit at most games, maybe the same number of people or more but at way more money. If the Toronto experiment works, Ralph can jack up ticket prices and say to the people, this is what I can get in Toronto, if you don't pay up, bye bye.

Earl, please.
There wasn't a record of number of viewers for the Super Bowl. That was in the USA.
And the previous weeks, the NFL playoffs did around 1.5 million viewers.
IN the regular season, the NFL averaged just over 300,000 viewers with the CTV.
Less then what the CFL did.
And we are letting our CFL teams play in garbage can stadiums, and forcing our NHL teams to pay for their own arenas, yet we're gonna build Toronto another stadium?
Toronto wants a stadium, Toronto pays for it.
Don't get me involved.

If Toronto gets an NFL team you'd be lucky to get a SB game in Toronto once every 30 years. If an NFL team kills the CFL, Toronto would lose possibly 4 or 5 Grey Cup games over that 30 year period. Throw in the lost games in Hamilton and possibly Ottawa and Ontario would lose a lot of tourism dollars over those 30 years. I don't know what the math is but the opportunity to host a Super Bowl every 30 years or so isn't worth perilling the annual Grey Cup. An event that puts tourism dollars in cities right across Canada every year.

Good points but it's more about exposure to all the games and some playoffs here and there an NFL team would do. Toronto wants more American visitors all the time, of course, and there are way more Americans than Canadians, therefore way more potential visitors.

Toronto can have both the GC's and NFL team, I still think and hope the Argos and CFL can do well in Toronto with an NFL team there but that's just me and I realize I might be in the minority.

Look, I'm not going to NFL games in Toronto, I spend my limited football dollars on the Ticats for seasons tickets. I'm just trying to get in the head of say Toronto politicians on this whole thing.

Wanting is one thing Earl.
Getting is another.
Taxpayers will not pay for another stadium for Toronto.
Toronto taxpayers can pay for another stadium for Toronto.
But forget the rest of us.
And any taxpayer money should go to helping our Candian team in the CFL and NHL.
Enough of catering to Toronto and its American dream.

Did you see Ted Rogers? I watched the news highlights of this "great" event, and it looks like he has some kind of health issue. At one point you could see drool down the side of his face. Maybe the talk of money made him salivate, but to me he don't look very well.
Yep, I noticed that also, he wasn't looking all that chipper, in fact, even Ralph Wilson looked more spry. If Rogers is waiting for Wilson to pass away to snatch the Bills away, ole 'Ralphie might just out last him. Hmmm, perhaps the Star should have a poll??

When asked yesterday what he thought about all this talk the Bills moving permanently to Toronto, Rogers replied, "exaggerated, hooey".

Well, Phil Lind looked ok to me and this guy looks very aggresive. I don't know him but he's a big hitter I'm betting. And Tanenbaum looks pretty good too.

Tannenbaum is the biggest loser in Toronto.
Being a leafs fan, it galls me to see this guy running around after NFL exhibition games while his hockey team goes down the toilet.
He makes Paul Godfrey look like a genius.
And that is quite an achievement.

Tannenbaum is just the front man for this consortium and will be promoted as the "sole" owner. The NFL does not allow franchises to be owned by investment groups. They want to deal with one individual only. So that eliminated the Rogers and Godfrey "Skipper and Gilligan" show from ownership contention. Also the NFL stipulates that this owner cannot own or operate any other major league sporting franchise. So perhaps Tannenbaum will divest himself of his Leafs shares to Rogers, who in turn will try to dump the Jays on MLSE (in his dreams...):slight_smile:

Wow, thats interesting information Xvys. I didn't know the NFL was that strict.

Thats not entirely correct. Wayne Huizienga(sp?) owned the NHL’s Panthers, MLB’s Marlins while he was the owner of the Dolphins.

And Paul Allen owns both the Seattle Seahawks and Portland Trail Blazers. I think rather than being a rule, I think its just too dammed expensive to own multiple sports franchises nowadays.