Stephen Brunt Predicts Death Of CFL in Todays Globe....Again

For the 2,337th time, Stephen Brunt of the Globe and Mail has told his readers the death of the CFL is imminent.
Today is his 503rd straight article on the topic.
Its amazing how Stephen is able to type out these articles.
Considering how he's always on his knees trying to kiss Roger Goodells ass all the time.
Anyways keep up the good work Stevie boy.
You're always good for a laugh.

Doesn't exactly speak of the death of the CFL or mention that it is imminent.

You notice there's not one quote in his "story". He just made it up. Must of been a slow news day...

Well...this story is more of a commentary...not sure you'll get too many quotes on a commentary about stuff.
"Excuse me...what do you think about what I think?"
Take it for what it is....babbling and what if'ing.

And for the 2,337th time, you report it here.

I agree with the Ti-Cat stance on this issue and I'm counting on Bob to save the CFL, that's all. I like the diplomatic approach he's taking so far. Can't keep the Bills out, but lets not lay out the welcome mat either.
Meanwhile we have Stephen Brunt, a writer I used to respect a great deal, doing his best to intimate that the league is once more heavily divided and that some kind of imminent internal war is about to break.
Well. I'm pretty sure that all the CFL governors are united in there opposition to the NFL setting up shop in Toronto.
Brunt's predictable speculations about the CFL are becoming a bore. No wonder Bobby Orr wouldn't co-operate with him on his book.

Didn't realize that about Orr ruff, interesting.

when you guys make articles like this, can you please provide a link? I can go to the website myself and check it out, in fact going right after i finish typing here, just easier is all :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up!

One of the Toronto media brought up the idea last year that the Argo owners should throw in the towel, as they could get a good return on their investment, and avoid all the NFL hassles. C & S said emphatically, NO. They were in for the long haul. What part of that statement did Brunt not understand?

One of the potential positives for the Argos and the Cats out of this is that if the season ticket base remains fairly strong this upcoming year in light of this Bills stuff, then that is an indication that it hasn't had a lot of effect on the real hard core fan base. Time will tell of course but I think both teams should be fine in this department although obviously the Cats will lose season ticket holders due to the poor showing over the past few years combined with some ticket packages increasing in cost.

You know what I don't get?
Why is it the cFL that will be killed by the hallowed NFL. Yet baseball and basketball will go unscathed?
Just further proof this is the anti-CFL types in the media using any excuse to stir the pot.
But trust me.
The CFL will still be around in the next 50 years, NFL in Hogtown or no NFL in Hogtown.
And there'll be still people in the media predicting its demise.
Its just the Canadian way to knock down our own.

Probablity of overlap. It's believed that a CFL fan is more likely to be drawn away to the NFL because of their similarities between their sports.

A fan of basketball or baseball is not necessarily a football fan, so he or she wouldn't be pulled away from their sport. At least, not to the same degree, because football does not offer a baseball fans what a baseball fan gets from baseball.

Actually the Argos can't win in this regard. If season ticket sales go up, it will be because people just wanted a shot at the Bills tickets. If sales go down, it will be because people don't want to pay for the CFL when they could spend their money on the NFL.

(... bringing you tomorrow's headlines today ...)

So if the season tickets sales of the Argos go up, people are going to use the tickets as door stops or book markers and not go to any games?

You know, it wouldn't be a bad investment for someone like Bob to ultimately purchase the Bills for the sole purpose of keeping them in Buffalo and out of Canada.

Ralph Wilson may cry a river saying the Bills aren't profitable, but the truth is that any NFL franchise is a good investment with the salary cap and the revenue sharing. I can't see how any team is not showing some profit. Ralph Wilson just wants to make more money and raise the value of his team. Meanwhile, someone with a vested interest in the CFL could purchase the bills, protect their investment and as a worst case scenario, break even with the NFL club.

Bob Young doesn't have the resources to buy the Bills, fortunately or unfortunately.

What the heck are you talking about? The Bills have one of the biggest venues and sell out almost every game. 70 000+ people at 50 bucks average ticket, times 10 games = 35 million in ticket sales alone. Add concessions and other revenue and another 70 million TV revenue. It is safe to say the Bills make money. It's sad that a Billionaire nearing his death is unsatisfied and jealous that other NFL teams are making more. Boo hoo, we really feel for him.

Listening to those old Billionaires today at the press conference, laughing and joking about their money sucked any interest in me supporting any of this venture.

Did you see Ted Rogers?
I watched the news highlights of this "great" event, and it looks like he has some kind of health issue.
At one point you could see drool down the side of his face.
Maybe the talk of money made him salivate, but to me he don't look very well.

You may be right about that Earl, it's just wishful thinking on my part.

Forbes has the Bills valued at $821M. link

Ralph probably figures he can get the value up over the billion dollar mark with this Toronto initiative.

Steve Brunt is an imature idiot!