Stephen Brunt Keeps Making Up Stories.

This guy was writing a few months back how the NFL games in Toronto would be sure fire sellouts, and telling us how huge an NFL market Toronto is.

But even though the facts proved him wrong, the guy today writes a totally ridiculous article about the NFL coming to Toronto. Again mentioning how it would kill the CFL. He even implied the CFL was begging the NFL to make it into a developmental league? Even though Cohon denied this in a message on this website?

And Brunt was on the Bob Macoun show last week with Mark Cohon, and never even brought up such topics with himj. Yet he makes these accusations in this totally amateurish article.

Its obvious this guy has some kind of agtenda. Maybe Ted Rogers and Phil Lind are slipping him a few bucks to write this garbage. But the day we get rid of the Stephen Brunts from the supposedly national media, the better. He's a joke who just can't admit he was wrong. Again.

Link the article.

quoted for great justice.

Speaking of Mark on the radio I heard him on the Fan 990 (I think thats what it's called, heard it through CJOB) And did such an awesome job talking about the CFL, stadium proposals renovations, and how it is Canada's game. Great commish so far in my opinion.

Rogers owns the NFL broadcast rights in Canada which are televised on CTV, which owns the Globe & Mail, the newspaper Brunt writes for. He gets paid to pump up the NFL for his bosses. He mentions in every one of his columns that Toronto is the 2nd largest market in North America without an NFL franchise, which, of course, is false to anyone who can read an atlas.

Mexico City has a population estimated between 20 to 30 million, nearly the population of our entire country...and is a much larger market than Toronto. Mexico City also drew over 110,000 fans to an NFL game, while Toronto has struggled to attract 40,000 people to Skydome for an NFL game, even when they are giving away tickets.

Once the best writer, Brunt is now irrelevant as his NFL bias is way over the top.

this guy thinks he's an nfl expert, because he gets a free ticket to the superbowl, these canadian hacks couldn't even name 2 rosters of nfl teams, its sad Canadians have to put up with horrible sports journalism. Also prime time sports is the worst radio program ever, unless they're demographic is 50 year old caucasian males that love to golf, i don't see why they keep them on the air.

Since Chicken Little doesn’t know the meaning behind “put up or (know his role)”, here’s the link to the article in question.

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Only dumb Canadian (Toronto) media jocks talk about the NFL coming to Toronto. They lie and say the NFL needs Toronto. Ahhh correction it's more Toronto's fat ego who needs the NFL then anything.

Nothing really that bad in the article, I don't agree with his take on the CFL NFL talks but outside of that it's just his opinion that the NFL regular season game will be a success.