Stephen Brunt in the Globe

Sorry I lack the computer savvy to post a link but he states a good case as to the Ti-Cats woes.

A Disaster of the Ticats' Own Making

Brunt's got it right.

Thanks Captain

No. Thank you for the heads up to a great article.

Wow, now theres hitn the nail on the head for ya....

When will the bleeding stop?

I have friends who did not renew their seasons, and we have been holders for over 10 years... People are leaving....

I'm having a tough time justifying it too.... I have been a fan all of my life, I renwed this year, with hope...and another season goes down the tubes, and I'm left asking myself why... I will renew next year no doubt...and return with less of my firends in the stands....

yeah team... :roll:

Wow... excellent article that sheds a lot of light on the situation here.

Can't disagree with anything that Brunt says.

My only big concern is that through all of this crap is that the Cats will drive away enough borderline fans to really hurt the finances of the franchise.

I believe that there is huge pressure on Obie to come up with some gems (as he has in the past) to help turn things around.

Time and faith are in desperate supply in the Hammer.

An astute assessment of the situation.

It's called Human Resources for a reason. The most critical factor to any organization is the people running it.

Bob made a fortune in a new industry by not thinking in conventional means. Professional football is not a new whirlwind industy; it's traditional and straight forward. Having a football veteran in the GM's office who will now hire his own HC who in turn will hire his own Coordinators is the template for success in this industry.

Bring it on.

Steve Milton addresses a lot of the same points too, among other things.

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The big picture explained well...thanks to Stephen Brunt.

Still though Stephen Brunt, now the head chearleader of the No Fun League, cannot be taken serious regardless of the quality of the article.

Stephen lives in Hamilton (Dundas) and is a very astute sportswriter. He is very good at cutting through the hype and crap and getting to the root of the issue. The NFL thing is what the G&M readers want to see. Too bad he’s not writing for the Spec…

Excellent analysis. He's willing to look beyond BY the team's saviour to BY the guy who has made some bad decisions.

I appreciate the honesty. He should do another piece on the Argo disaster.

An Argo-Cat fan

And Brunt was one of the most intelligent and savvy guests spoiled brat and sulker Bob McCown has ever had on the Fan. Of course anyone would sound intelligent talking with McCown.