Step aside Walker and Williams...

here comes John Chiles!

This rookie receiver just clocked an unbelievable 4.23 seconds in the 40yd. dash at the Argos combine, besting times of both Chris Williams and Chevy Walker, and breaking the NFL record of 4.24 set by Titans RB Chris Johnson.

[b]one aspect of his game comes naturally - speed. Argos GM Jim Barker says that while at a camp in Florida this off season, Chiles ran the fastest 40-yard dash he has ever timed; a [u]mind-numbing 4.23 seconds[/u].

Spending time with the St. Louis Rams and New Orleans Saints, Chiles has picked up more of the fundamentals needed to be a pro receiver. He cited the ability to hone his technique in the NFL, something he really didn’t get the chance to do at UT.

All fundamental talk aside, the skill that will set Chiles apart from other new receivers is his blazing speed. He admits his eyes lit up when he saw the size of a Canadian field for the first time.

“I was excited! With the waggle too? Coach has me at ‘X’ right now on the line, which I like too, but I mean with the waggle I feel like it definitely gives me an advantage on a field with size like this”.

In one-on-one drills Thursday, Chiles blew by a couple of defensive backs who may have underestimated his speed. It won’t take long for the word to spread that there’s a true burner in camp.[/b]

Can't wait to see this one, if he makes in The Smoke. Unlike the majority of real speedsters is football he's big -- 6' 2" / 215.

Yah Great in Camp, let's see the Argo-Snot play in real action with 300 pound defenders climbing on his back. Argo's all Hype No Glory come game game day?