Steinberg's MMQB: What's next for Banks?

One of the winter’s biggest questions has been answered. Future Hall of Fame offensive lineman Stanley Bryant has decided to return for an eighth season with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and 13th CFL season overall. Knowing he’ll be 37 in May, Bryant’s fate was somewhat up in the air, at least from the outside. But the Bombers, and Bombers fans, are absolutely thrilled with where he landed.

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I think age and the fact he showed yet again that he is a :poop: disturber and plays for Brandon Banks - not the team will severely limit his future prospects.

After all most teams want to play football not run a babysitting service.

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I would not be surprised if Banks signs a one-day contract with Hamilton to retire as a Tiger-Cat.

Bo and Banks back to Hammer Town to win the Grey in 2023!

It would be great to see Banks back in Tiger Town, but I suspect that he is looking for a coaching job. He still has a year or two left in him, but why would he take that chance to be injured? He has always been a good team player and a plus for any team he has been with - I wish the guy all the best and a big thanks for giving me as a Cat fan many years of enjoyment. His time with the Argos is a blank spot in my mind and I pretend that it never happened. Oskee-Wee-Wee Banksy!

It did happen, like Mike O’Shea and others. Speedy B can go out a champ if he chooses to retire!
PS the rivalry between Ticats and Argonauts is legendary, one oldest in professional sport. Sometimes fans take it to a hate level, which I don’t get.
Happy New Year, long love the CFL!