Steinberg's MMQB: West Division's most intriguing pending FAs

The release of the free agent tracker means the countdown to 2023 signing season has officially begun. This year’s signing period opens February 14th, which is just over ten weeks away. As per usual, we’ve got a star-studded list of players eligible to hit the open market on Valentine’s Day.

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IMO there will be a lot more signings before FA hits but we'll see.

Bryant - He probably comes back for another year & that would be a good thing for the Bombers. If he doesn't they may have to go shopping. I don't see anyone on the roster currently that could easily step in. Prime OL guys aren't all that much available in FA. Bombers likely don't face that issue for another year.

With Lemon, & Dean for that matter, at their ages it makes sense to use what leverage they have after good seasons to take the money if it's there. I still think they end up with their respective teams but Hufnagel doesn't overpay & he has Orimolade who was the CFLPA choice @ DE. Some feel both Judge & Big "O" were more valuable. Menard I expect to re-sign with the Lions.

Lawler??? Elks are expected to put a big offer on the table. With not much, relatively speaking, tied up in QB's they can afford him as you say. But the Lions, with a bargain basement salary for Rourke, offered him 2 years for slightly less than he got. Should he go to FA the Riders will likely also be in the hunt. I can see them letting Duke go & that frees up $250K. I'd look at those 3 teams as likely landing spots.