Steinberg's MMQB: Turning point in Week 9?

With the results of this past week in the books, all nine teams are at least halfway done the 2021 season. While Winnipeg is clearly the class of the CFL, the rest of the pecking order is still up for debate. Making things more complicated were the results of Week 9, where three teams may very well have turned their seasons around.

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Bombers look like they didn't miss a step, while everyone else looks like they had a year off from playing. Who's going to be able to stop them?


Who was going to stop the 15-3 TiCats last year. the 14, 15 & 13 win Stamps of 2015-17? 7-1 start is nice but doesn't mean much. Ask Brady his biggest regret when he's done & I'll bet not winning it when they went 16-0 in the regular season is it. Nobody cares about that anymore.

Any comparison to the NFL doesn't work here. Also, those other records were during seasons where the other teams were close in standings and play. Right now, no one is close to the same stratosphere as the Grey Cup Champs. Yes, things can change between now and then. But it's hard to pick a team that's ready to compete on the Champs level rn


Any team that significantly upgrades it's defensive and offensive lines between now and the end of the season will have a chance to beat us. Right now we own the trenches. :smiley: :+1:

Well, you're a Bomber fan so, no surprise they're unbeatable. About those seasons. In 2016 the 2 loss Stamps beaten by a sub .500 club, the 4 loss club the next year were beaten by a 9-9 team in the game that counts. Those teams were hardly "close" to them win-wise & huge underdogs. Who can stop the Bombers? Anybody. It could be a 2 win team. That's why they're called "upsets". Bombers aren't going 13-1 IMO. One expert predicted Hamilton would go undefeated. That ended the 1st game. Three of 5 TSN panelists predicted a Hamilton/Edmonton Grey Cup. What are the odds? Things happen. A signing like Duke Williams changes the Rider offence completely. A bonk on the head in Wpg changes everything. And, over the course of a season, bad teams beat good teams.

Couldn't agree more with you. I'm a very happy Blue Bomber fan but to suggest nobody can beat the Bombers is just plain silly. Bombers seemed to be firing on all cylinders just before the playoffs and carried it all the way to a Grey Cup victory all against team ahead of them in the standings. Injuries, an off game or just being a little over confident can derail a great season. If you make the playoffs, you have a chance.

First of all, I never said the Bombers were unbeatable, nor did I ask who's gonna beat the 13-3 ticats, or the Stamps and their winning seasons because I wasn't fooled by their regular season record. The underlying numbers showed that they weren't these dominant teams that their record suggested.

I asked who's gonna stop a Bomber team that is dominating the entire league in more ways than the aforementioned teams above were.

Obviously the Big Bad Blue stomped all over your team this year too.


Whether they did or didn't stomp my team, whomever they are, is irrelevant. "Who's going to be able to stop them" suggests you can't see anyone who can. That's implicit, no? My reply - anyone can, someone will, unless you think they can go 13-1 & it could be a lowly team. As I've said before there are multiple examples of starting off hot over the 1st half season & not maintaining it. Not unusual for a team to start off with zero losses or one loss over the 1st half of the season. As for not being fooled by the regular season record of the TiCats or Stamps those seasons, I take it you picked the third place Bombers in 2019 & the master plan was to finish 3rd & win 3 straight road games to take the Cup. I don't think the rallying cry in Winnipeg was let's finish 3rd. But you'll have to talk to O'Shea about that one.

Ya I did. Bombers were a lot better than their record suggested, and Calgary and Sask weren't as good as their record suggested. Bombers were in 1st in the West for stretches, and only fell due to injuries.

There are exponentially more examples of the best team being the best team all the way to the planned parade route. Obviously it doesn't happen every time, especially if your QB is a massive choker like Bo Levi is.

Also, Lawler with the DUI, totally part of the plan :ok_hand:

You ARE your record. No such thing as being better than your record. You're right - Bombers were 1st for stretches in 2019 - in fact started out 5-0. 7-2 after the first half. Sound familiar? And finished 11-7 in 3rd. Every club has injuries & Bombers less than most everyone this year. Clubs will get healthier, maybe add more pieces. It's not like teams are standing still. So I say 7-1, so what? The season's half done. Look, I have nothing against the Bombers or Bo. Just my opinion. Let's leave it at that. He's not my guy so you can take the "choker" label up with Mike.

I hope the first place finisher in the East division has at least 9 wins :sos: This could be the first year a West crossover wins the East division crown. The fact is it only takes 2 or 3 games to win the Grey Cup.

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"You are your record"????? Clearly you're new to this sports thing. Plenty of examples where a 10-8 team is a lot worse than a 6-12 team. Ease of schedule. Lesser competition being faced. Score differential. You honestly think those have ZERO barring on the strength of a team? :unamused::roll_eyes:

Bingo! the same point I have been making on other forums. Although anything is technically possible, the Bombers are not likely to lose a meaningful game barring a 4 or 5 turnover game or maybe an injury to Collaros, whom I might add does not wear the same collar as Bo Levi. The main reason the Bombers are winning and doing so in such a dominating fashion is because of the best defensive and offensive lines in the league. Whether they lose Lawler and replace him with Roosevelt or someone else adds the Dhuke of Drop is irrelevant. If you have watched the Bombers play presumably you would have noticed that by the 3rd quarter the opposing QB is playing for his life and the opposing receivers are literally afraid to catch the ball. A clean hit on Whitehead put him out for a few weeks. All players see how ferocious they are. And this is a defence that has only been able to start mostly 8 players, sometimes 6, with the last game additions of Richardson and Wilson bringing their healthy starters to 10. Like Canada in international hockey their second 12 could easily be in the top 3 defences in the league. The reason I think the Bombers are so much farther ahead than any other past team referred to is because, Collaros aside (and maybe even that wouldn't kill them), they are largely immune to injuries. It is unlikely they will have 5 lineman injured. It is also unlikely that any other team will be able to find 5 lineman that are bigger, faster and meaner than the Bombers lineman. If football had multiple game playoff series like other team sports there is no way the Bombers would lose. Any team (see NE vs Giants in Superbowl) can lose one game, usually because of turnovers. But if you you seriously think there are any kind of reasonable odds that the Bombers won't win it all as they continue to take every other team out back to the toolshed and whup 'em I will gladly take that action.

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Let's stick to facts, shall we? If you're 10-8 the season's finished as is 6-12. The 10-8 is likely in the playoffs & the 6-12 team almost always not. Please tell me when a 6-12 team has won the Cup? A year would be nice. The way the system works, since that seems to be in question here, is if you have 20 points & the other team has 1`2 the first team is better, not a "lot worse". Otherwise your whole argument on the 7-1 Bombers is up for debate, right? If the Bombers were 1-7, would we be having this conversation? For the record, "You are what your record says you are" is a famous quote from Bill Parsells. Clearly new to this sports thing?? I'm only laying out facts. I wouldn't expect anything less than you being gung ho on the Bombers & that's fine. That I suggest that this version looks a lot like the 2019 club that started 7-2 & finished 3rd & doesn't look to me like a 13-1 or 12-2 club is my opinion. We shall see, won't we? But enough fun BTB. Golf awaits. My last post here. Have at it.

No argument. We do have some impressive 'big body' bench depth here (thank Kyle Walters, Danny McManus and Ted Goveia for finding the talent). We're a little thin at the all important proven QB position though. There's only ONE. If Zack goes down the rest the league gets to see what happens to a totally dominant football team that suddenly finds itself unable to move the ball. :open_mouth:

Who's talking about making, and not making the playoffs. Quit moving the goal posts. What I'm saying, is if two 10-8 teams meet in the playoffs, and one team is on a 10 game winning streak, and the other is on an 8 game losing streak, are they identical teams like you suggest? Doubtful.

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