Steinberg's MMQB: Thoughts from Mark's LD Weekend

It’s the most important and anticipated weekend of the regular season and it was back with a vengeance…even if it came a little earlier than normal. It was awesome to take in Mark’s Labour Day Weekend after a year off, and it didn’t disappoint. The crowds and atmospheres were intense, the games were fun, and we had some great performances to sink our teeth into.

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I'm starting to think 2021 is just a long preseason for 2022- I think we have to consider it will be filled with asterisk when written to the history books.

After week 5 no teams without a win & no teams without a loss, pretty good I think. Who would have thought Calgary would be playing patsy with the leagues worst record? Too bad I won't be able to see next weekends games but if this is September one must paddle.

Not since Ricky Ray
Could us Edmonton folk say
Success, on Labour Day


When was the last time both Winnipeg and Edmonton won their LDC games in the same year?? They're perennial L's on the schedule for so long, you can mark it in pen.


How's this for a weird stat. I had to check it out to believe it.


Home field advantage? What's that!?!

TiCats were at home.

With as bad as C-19 is and how so many contracted it you’d think the Elks would have gotten blasted out of the park Monday. (sarcasm)