Steinberg's MMQB: The top-five offensive additions

The CFL Draft is in the books for another year. Rookie camps open this week. Main training camps open across the league this weekend. And we’re exactly two weeks from our first preseason game. The 2023 season is upon us.

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ANY list of top offensive additions where Trevor harris finishes 5th means it was a piss-poor off-sean for adding offence.

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I can’t really argue with the list. Bo & Eugene were 1, 2 on most lists I looked at prior to free agency. Their expected impact to their teams is undeniable. Butler gives the TiCats something they haven’t had in a long time & that’s a legitimate run game PLUS he is a top rate blocker.

As far as impact to a team Harris & Lawler could be huge but do they give their teams the same bump up? Harris, without Schaffer-Baker early, doesn’t have the talent he or the Riders had last year. He’s a quick release dump & run guy which helps the OL but is the type of offence Maas was criticized for last year. I expect more of the same this year.

Lawler is a big addtion to an already VG group. Are they going to open up the pass game now? I have my doubts. With LaPo & Harris the Bombers morphed into a heavy run game. That became even more pronounced with Pierce. The Bombers were last in pass attempts the past 2 years & first in rush attempts - with Lawler one year, Schoen & Ellingson last year. More pass attempts exposes Zach to more sacks. I’m curious to see if this changes this year.

Bo Levi Mitchell is a great guy who should succeed in giving the Tiger-Cats some stability this season on offense. My concern is that will not be able to endure a full season of tackles and bangs that is inevitable in the CFL. The Tiger-Cats must be recruiting new talent as a quarterback for the insurance for team victories. Last year’s quarterback backup did not prove all that effective to secure wins.

haha you are not wrong

Don’t know about top five talent wise but what he will add to the offence, could be seen that way. His 1 steamboat, 2 steamboat, and the balls out should help the O-line be better.

They needed a lot more than that to get the offence right - but he will help.

As for Bo the single biggest thing he brings is accountability to the offence. I thought that was an issue last season. You gotta do your part, run your route like the ball is coming to you, be in the right place, do the right things, to make an offence work and with Dane having problems last year I thought they got sloppy.

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