Steinberg's MMQB: The top-five defensive FA signings

As we continue to prime the 2023 season, which is rapidly approaching, we’re continuing to look back on an off-season full of player movement and huge free agent contracts. This week we’re focusing on the defensive side of the ball with the five biggest additions over the winter.

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Micah Johnson should be on this list.

Johnson is not on the list for a good reason, he’s overated!! Yes he was a strong force in his younger days, I watched him all last season in Hamilton and he really didn’t do anything too special. He’s just not the player he once was.

Players @ Micah’s age are a gamble. There’s tons of examples of steep declines once you get a little into the 30’s. But, to be fair, 24 tackles & 7 sacks is VG @ the DT position. Playing with Wynn helped his stats as the #2 guy IMO. The previous year he had 2 sacks as the #1 guy in Riderville playing with another old guy, a 34 year old Makena Henry.

Micah’s going to line up beside Lanier, a stud DT, so that helps. Whether or not that translates into a good season at his age is doubtful IMO. It’s a young man’s game. The Riders got him real cheap & there’s a reason for that.