Steinberg's MMQB: The most interesting departures of 2022

Almost two weeks into 2022 free agency, we’ve seen as much player movement as I can remember. Teams like Ottawa and BC have bulked up in a big way, while other teams have had to sustain significant losses in a salary cap world.

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Well, you picked a good group to focus on.

I don't think there are many who would not like Rourke & O'Connor to succeed. But BC has made few changes on offence. McCloskey in, Steward out, Ryker Matthews unsigned on OL. Same RB. Same receivers except Petermann in, Shaq Johnson out. The 2 Cdn's have just over 100 passes thrown in real action. Let's hope there is more help on offence coming.

I fully understand Harris being let go - tough decisions have to be made & it is the right one IMO. But Oliveira has fewer rushes than another rising star last year had - Shaq Cooper. And a less stellar yds/carry than him or the departed Harris. Harris also was a great blocker. This move is not without risk.

Calgary will be fine. Dennis was an all-star @ DT last time he was on the field.

Gainey was a bit of a puzzler. Purifoy was lowballed by his account & the reigning MOP on D for the Riders. If they knew he was going, why not keep Gainey another year? The Riders ranked next to last in passing yards allowed & big gains allowed. What saved them was turning the ball over. They have some young guys there but losing Bouka & with Campbell, Dearborn, Hendy & McCray, all DB's still unsigned, & Bouka gone, they have some work to do.

Gainey and Purifoy were the lockdown vets, plus Purifoy was a special teams machine. Purifoy especially can play anywhere in the secondary or even OLB. Marshall was the one with all the coverage busts. You can’t keep everybody, but Marshall is the one they keep and they let the other 2 walk? I don’t get it.