Steinberg's MMQB: The Hall of Fame can wait

Ah yes, it’s time for our annual reminder that Andrew Harris is still one of the best players in the CFL. Harris closed out Week 7 with a performance that showcased all he’s capable of: 143 rushing yards on 26 carries and seven receptions for 45 yards. Those 188 total yards powered the Toronto Argonauts to a 31-21 win on the road in Saskatchewan.

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And there it is. That darned salary cap thing forced us to make choices in the off season. We got a little weaker while other teams got a little stronger. That's why if all things were equal we'd have league-wide parity. :smiley: :+1:

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At 35, Harris can still deliver the goods. I see another 2 seasons before he wears down for good. If he can only figure out how to keep his helmet on!

Great story. We miss Andrew in the peg, big time. Just a fierce competitor that rarely is taken down by one man. The article really tapped into him well...don't get him pissed off. Example...the 2019 Cup...after being tackled by Simoni Lawrence, Andrew gave him the head butt. I knew instantly that was it, game over. Wish him allthe best,and that would apply to all 800,000 Peggers as well.

The Andrew Harris signing by my hometown Toronto Argonauts was the number one "Free Agent Signing" in my humble opinion. I hope the Argos meet Winnipeg for this year's Grey Cup Classic :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy: