Steinberg's MMQB: The Champs are (still) here

When the Toronto Argonauts denied the Winnipeg Blue Bombers a Grey Cup three-peat in November, it was understandably billed as an upset. But as the Argos are now 3-0 in their defence of that championship, perhaps the scale of that upset is feeling a little smaller. These guys are reigning champs for a reason.

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Hmmm. The team was not clearly better. Not at all. It was clear however just how rich a gift 5 nearly free interceptions can be. It was really a game completely decided by very poor quarterbacking. We watched why Adams is so extremely frustrating and unreliable. He single handedly gave a game away. And I’d like to say TO defense earned his bad play. That they made incredible plays. That they were confusing. But the reality is they just didn’t drop really easy interceptions. (except one really nice grab on a Jump ball they were all pathetically easy picks). Credit for that?. Let’s keep it real. I know an article was to be written. But VA Jr. was horrific. Plain and simple. He made horrendous decisions. We are talking about east grade 9 Safety reads even. But TO being the easily better team? Lol. Not even close to true. They are good. Indeed. But VA had a miserable game. And that’s who he can be. And why his teams get frustrated with him.

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Can’t blame VA for the Argo punt return for a TD, can’t blame VA for Chad Kelleys rushing, can’t blame VA for that great pass for the Argo TD where Kelly took off and at the last second he throws the ball inside for the TD.
Can’t blame VA for the Argos D shutting down the Lions running game. Can’t blame VA for the Argos coverage on the Lions receivers.

The Argos right now are the best team in the league and their record proves it.

Ummm. I’m trying not to be rude. But that’s common. That’s called football. Plays happen. All throughout the game. And good plays materialize. You can blame VA for 5 interceptions. Watching him throw at defenders basically just standing and waiting and tops balls into double and triple coverage… In no universe or at any age level of football is FIVE interceptions anything but pathetic. Truly. He was making judgement calls that grade 9 QBs will decide differently. Even grade 7. That kills chances. Period. POOR Lions last week, on that day they stood next to zero chance to win as a result of a QB who just goes brain dead on some given days. And when he stumbled he routinely falls off the cliff. It’s his way. And sure to form, That’s what he did.

Do I think the Argos are good? I do. But the article is way off in how it covered the game. The author clearly lacks a discerning view based in reality.

Points off turnovers are on VAJ.

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Week 17 argos at Winnipeg. Hmm. Should be good. I think this weekend we just watched who’ll be playing for the grey cup. B.C. seem to lack a balanced offensive attack, lets get that grounding game going. O.J was excellent for argo’s.

It turns out that Vernon Adams Junior fell for that oldest football trick in the books. I fell for it too until I turned 60 and stopped listening to DB’s when they shouted…

"HEY!! I’M OPEN!!!

Ahh yes, the old DB, “Hey!! I’m open!!!” trick.
My old bar tender tricked me with that one for many years. I’m not going to reveal how old I was before I figured out that one. I’ll just say it was a few years before I retired and too late to realize I should have bought shares in the Pandora Inn.

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