Steinberg's MMQB: The Argonauts strike first

One of the league’s most interesting stretches kicked off Saturday night and the Toronto Argonauts won the opening round. With a 34-20 comeback win over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, the Argos took game one of their season series with their top rival. It just so happens that season series consists wholly of four games played in a five-week span. Buckle up.

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I can't imagine any competitive player going out to lose a game intentionally but have to think that the Riders, unless they go on a winning streak, wouldn't be terribly disappointed to finish fourth and play in the cross over. Realize its not easy either way as no Western team has ever represented the East in the Grey Cup in the cross over but would think that the Riders (and their fans) might feel this could be their best way of playing in their Grey Cup Game.
Lions, Stampeders will be a lot of fun, can't wait and looking forward to hopefully another Blue Bomber victory at home.

I have absolutely no doubt that the crossover spot will be the easiest path to the Grey Cup this year for any Western team that doesn’t finish first.

That would be interesting: Eastern Division champion Roughriders playing in their home stadium. This would be the second consecutive year that the Eastern champions play in their own stadium. Yup, very interesting.