Steinberg's MMQB: Stars didn't align in Edmonton

I was stunned to see Edmonton trade quarterback Trevor Harris to Montreal on Sunday. That’s despite the difficulties the Elks have endured this season. That’s despite a 26-16 loss to Winnipeg on Friday, a fifth straight for Edmonton. And that’s despite the Elks healthy scratching Harris for that Week 11 game against the Bombers. Maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I still was.

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All the blame can't be placed on Harris. Even though they know each other, it did not click between Harris and Elizondo, this time around. Some of the play calling has been questionable, especially why Derell Walker is so under used.

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A lot of long time fans were turned off because of name change,yes they were, I read the articles,and this before season even got underway

I would have been stunned if Sunderland/Elizondo were competent, but they're not. It's a damn shame what damage one bad coach can do to an organization when a GM refuses to hold him accountable.

This is what happens when GMs can't evaluate players on their own and just sign the guys that the coach wants.

As much as this is good news for the other western teams (including my Riders) that for as long as this duo is running the Elks there will be a pretty much guaranteed playoff spot, I never like to see an organization run into the ground like this. It's no fun and it's not fair to the loyal paying fanbase.

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I've never been a huge Harris fan, I feel he had yet to live up to the potential & settle in somewhere to create a legacy, but I feel this failure in Edmonton lies solely on the coach's shoulders . Do they still have that bit on TSN "you got screwed"? You got shafted Trevor.

That's what the Elk get for trying to buy championships all the time. They haven't developed a qb since they got lucky with Ricky Ray.

First it wasn't a cultural fit, now the damn stars aren't co-operating. Been a tough go for the Esks this year.

Maybe it's the Head coach in Edmonton. The coach is a hot head. Tribble play caller. Always doing screens or swing outs to the far WR. To predictable, you think he won the grey cup for Ottawa no it was Henry changing plays and Defense. Maybe Henry would of stayed if they let Elks coach go or Harris stayed in Ottawa or in Edmonton. Not sure if Harris can toss the ball but in Montreal we will see. Or is it check down after check down.

I agree, I am not claiming to be an offensive coordinator, but I certainly have been questioning the HC playbook...I think as PDog eluded to in a reply or post, which I eluded to I think we will know more after the season ends and how many players stay or bail....

Thanks PD, it seasons for you GO RIDERS