Steinberg's MMQB: Running Wilder in Edmonton

Prior to this month, the last time we saw James Wilder Jr. was during a frustrating 2019 season in Toronto. For whatever reason, the talented running back and then head coach Corey Chamblin just weren’t on the same page, which was reflected in Wilder’s usage. Wilder carried the ball just 91 times in 2019, well below how we saw him used in his first two years.

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I am very glad to see James Wilder Jr. off to a great start with his new team-The Edmonton Elks. Many outstanding CFL players have underachieved once they wear the double blue. The Alberta organizations are the top 2 in the league. James please don't fumble with my favorite West team-Edmonton Elks. :star_struck: :top: :one:

James Wilder Sr

I'm not sure why the CFL or EE allow Wilder Jr. to alter his jersey and dress like a Drag Queen during an on air CFL football game. I have nothing against Drag Queens (each to their own) but surely there is some kind of CFL rule regarding uniforms. To be perfectly clear it doesn't seem to hinder his on field performance ... just appearance.