Steinberg's MMQB: Rounding into form

We hear all the time how “the season starts after Labour Day.” We also talk about how important it is in this league to be peaking at the right time heading towards the playoffs. Well, here we are after Labour Day, and two teams look like they’re really starting to figure things out in the second half of the season.

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Looking at the 3 win teams, they are in different positions. Yes, every coach wants to win every game but the Elks, by their actions, are dumping big salary & collecting draft picks. It's a year long audition for 2023 & they have uncovered a few good pieces on offence like Brown, Mitchell & it'll be interesting to see what they do with Cornelius next year. He's got the size & tools Jones covets & is improving with 4:1 TD to INT ratio past 3 games & toying with 300 yds behind a leaky OL. They probably should keep him. Still young & only has 16 career starts.

Ottawa does control their own destiny having doubleheaders with the Als & TiCats ahead as well as a home game with the Argos up next. But both they & the Elks own a 0-6 record @ home. They'll need to sweep the Als to make up the 2 game difference in wins & go on a run. LaPo, unlike the mulit-titled Orlando & Jones with his 4 yr contract, has to make the playoffs IMO to keep his job. Even that may not be enough as he wasn't a Burke hire &, I believe, has 1 year left. This team was built for this year in free agency. Changes are coming.

Hamilton is the 2nd oldest team in the league &, unlike the older Bombers at this point, the chickens have come home to roost. Problems on OL, lack of a running game have been a staple of the Steinhauer era. They've brought in some pieces on the OL. Their stout DL has maybe seen the last of Laurent, Micah & Simoni. Players get older & injuries pile up (see Andrew Harris), not to mention are more expensive than bringing in young guys. I see a rebuild next year.

So, in short, things IMO don't look rosy for any of the 3 win clubs playoff wise. Must wins for the Eastern clubs as they look to catch the Als - sure. For the Elks? Not really. Jones, like his team this year, isn't going anywhere. In his last rebuild of the 3 win Riders he took over he was 3-10 after 13 games in year 1 I believe. Sound familiar? He finished with 5 wins & I could see that happening based on the remaining games. Not enough.


The Stamps lead the league with 34 forced turnovers, good for a +16 turnover ratio


When will writers/commentators learn that “+16” is not a ratio but a differential? Doesn’t anyone in media understand basic mathematics?

The actual turnover ratio for Calgary is 1.89-to-1 (34 takeaways vs. 18 losses).

End of rant.

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So if train A leaves the station at 1:00PM . . .


Serious question, if Edmonton does become a factor next year, who drops to the basement in the Western division?

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My guess would be Sask. If they lose any more games. Dickinson could be on the hot seat, and they might be in a partial rebuild for the front line. Just a thought.

Long way from knowing. We haven't seen how this season plays out. Here's my question for each team?

  1. Wpg - If the Bombers don't win the CUP, no reason to stay for a 4th. Biggest question IMO is Collaros. I've asked before - his family is out East, his wife was born there, he only signed for one year. He'll have suitors should he go to free agency. Also they have a lot of older players. Three of their OL starters will be 33-37. Bighill will be 34, Jefferson & Jeffcoat 32, a full dozen 32 or older. Ellingson has missed 10 games of the last 27 played, only 4 in the 5 seasons previous. If they win, how many seek a bigger paycheque? This looks to me a lot like the Edm club who won 5 in a row. They played in 7 straight CUPS, lost the 1st because they were young & not quite there. Lost the last because too many older players were still there. We're seeing it in Hamilton now.

  2. Stamps may have already decided on Maier. Does Bo retire, move on to mentor a younger QB elsewhere, or stay? Does Paredes hang around? Both have mentioned retirement. Stamps have only 6 players 32 & up, only a couple of them impact players. Young OL & I see them moving up.

  3. BC - if Rourke sticks around they should be good. Like Stamps, not a lot of older players & we got a glimpse of what they could be when he was playing. Arrow up.

  4. Saskatchewan - Is Fajardo a good QB or just good in comparison to the crop now?This isn't like the recent past when you had Calvillo, Ray, Burris, Reilly, a young Bo, Durant, & solid QB's in most cities. The jury's out on him. The OL's been a mess for 2 years. They do have a solid D & kicking. The older guys there MOSTLY can be easily replaced. As I said though, if the Riders don't make any noise in the playoffs, I expect a shakedown.

  5. Elks - They should be better. TSN mentioned that their roster consists of THIRTY players who are in their 1st year in the league. This may take a couple of years. They have played all year without a STC who is gone due to family matters & they badly need to rebuild their CDN content there. That would explain collecting draft picks in what is supposed to be a really good draft year. What they do with the QB position is key. I don't know that they'll climb out of the basement next year but if they do, my guess based upon how things are playing out right now is the Riders probably would be the team they'd have to beat out.

Fun speculating but bottom line - who knows? Enjoy your team this year & hope for the best. :smiley:

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Bugs me too 4 out of every 3 people (4/3) don't understand ratios.



It's like "save percentage" in hockey--it's never actually described as a percentage. For example, .922 is not a percentage (or at least it's a ridiculously low percentage).

My hometown Argos 2022 edition are definitely trending in the right direction. :arrow_up: My concerns are the Argos inability to run the football. :face_with_peeking_eye: Year after year the Argos abandon the run way too early in my opinion. :thinking: Another area of concern is their Special teams unit give up too much return yardage. :question: Their kicking game has saved their "Ass" so far. :bangbang: I would like to see them in the Grey Cup versus the Calgary Stampeders. :star_struck: time will tell.

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Really good insight. I enjoy reading your breakdowns, because there are solid points being made not just emotional outbursts. I also appreciate the fact that you really seem to be a great fan of the game not just your team, so you look at the good coming from other teams as well.
That's good sportsmanship.
A true fan!

Thank you. And love Montreal whenever my wife & I visit. Go Als. :sunglasses: