Steinberg's MMQB: One player to watch for each East Division team

A couple of weeks ago we took a look at players to watch for each West Division team.

Assuming CFL rosters look similar to what they are now, let’s do the same with the four East Division teams. We’ve got a pair of quarterbacks, a pair of new additions, and a couple returnees to focus in on this week.

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I'm always hopeful that the East is going to play well enough to rival the West. It rarely works out that way, but the players listed above give me hope.

The Als and Ticats were already solid teams (excellent in Hamilton's case), and Ottawa and Toronto have made promising additions, particularly on offense.

I'm really excited to see Nichols, Brescasin, and DeVaris in double blue.

Fingers crossed for June 2021.

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I'm very curious about how Nichols will do in Toronto.

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I think that the East will be in better shape, competition wise, to give the West a better run for the Cup in 2021. Time will tell but I sure hope this missing year will be the motivation that the East needs to come on strong. Closer competitions can only improve the game and draw more fans!


Agreed. Hopefully the new Als owners will do what it takes to start off their tenure strong.

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The Argos have had a few bad seasons in a row now, so they're due for another improbable run to the Grey Cup.

As I see it, the big question mark for next season is at RB.

I’ve read a few positive interviews with the Als new owners (like the one below @ 3DN).
Despite the effects of Covid they seem as committed as ever to turning things around in MTL.