Steinberg's MMQB: Making a case for the best-ever

We already know a few things about recently retired Solomon Elimimian. He was THE linebacker gold standard of the 2010’s. He was still one of the league’s best the last time we saw him suit up. He’s a lock for the Canadian Football Hall of Fame. And I’m here to add one more: he has my vote for best linebacker in CFL history.

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I never saw much of Wayne Harris although I knew a little of his reputation. I have no problems putting Solly in the same list as those men. For me, its a toss-up between Kepley and Elimimian. Probably give the edge to Elimimian.

Kepley was the man back then. To me he was the best linebacker

Can't argue with you cuz I know I hated it every time he lined up against the Riders.

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