Steinberg's MMQB: Looking back on 2021’s bold predictions

I was doing a little prep and research this past week with the 2022 season fast approaching. As I was doing so, I came across my “bold predictions” from last season and found it interesting going over them. It was a good exercise to help get ready for this season, which is now very much around the corner…training camps are just a matter of weeks away.

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I would say 1 outta 5 is embarrassingly bad Pat :wink:.

All these bold predictions made here by Pat would have made sense before the 2021 season and just shows how unpredictable sports can and usually is. Wouldn't the game be kind of boring if the favourites always won. I'm one of many looking forward to another exciting season and hoping for my team, the Blue Bombers to go on and win their 3rd consecutive championship but am already getting nervous about them being the preseason favourites.