Steinberg's MMQB: Looking back at an exciting LD Weekend

OK Tire Labour Day Weekend is in the books for another year and it didn’t disappoint.

We had standout individual efforts in all four games and both games out west came right down to the wire, culminating with Monday’s weekend finale at McMahon Stadium.

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I am still wondering about the Tiger Cat and Argo game. Hamilton never showed up to play - and at their home stadium too! I don't get having 3 QBs there with your first stringer sitting on the bench for the entire game! Steinauer made some very bad decisions - like leaving Morton in on a key 3rd and short and he doesn't make it! Amateur coaching move - but we know "S" is no amateur - did he care if he won or is he just giving up? Either way he has to get his butt into gear - the fans deserved better than what they saw on Labour Day. In this case, the coaching staff lost the game - not the players.

Its bye week. Stay tuned.

The labour day Cat whipping stings with a thousand cuts as division rivals forge ahead with wins because of former Tiger-Cat receivers Banks and Acklin. Toronto and Ottawa management must be smirking because they have outsmarted coach Orlondo.Orlondo did not find any replacements for the two former Tiger-Cat star receivers which was a critical mistake. For instance, the Bombers lost Lawler but they acquired Ellingson and found a talented rookie Schoen. These two eased the loss of Lawler who is a great receiver.