Steinberg's MMQB: How the West is being won

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers and BC Lions are starting to separate themselves in the West Division. With both teams moving to 4-1 over the weekend, the Lions and Bombers have put themselves in a different tier compared to the rest of their division.

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Until Calgary finds a quarterback, which clearly they do not have, they’ll be in the basement with the other Alberta team that doesn’t have a quarterback
That being said Labour Day should be a barn burner :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Perhaps it can be renamed the toilet bowl

The Riders story has yet to be told. They beat the Stamps in OT, partly because of a questionable decision by the coach & 2 wins vs the Elks who self-destructed late (not unusual) but were extremely lucky. Could easily be 1-3. I really haven’t seen anything, even with Harris, to indicate they are in the conversation. To be fair, they have had a lot of injuries to key players.