Steinberg's MMQB: Hope springs eternal

It’s no secret things have been a struggle in Ottawa since their last Grey Cup appearance in 2018. The REDBLACKS struggled through a pair of three-win seasons before finishing the 2022 campaign at 4-14. But a couple of important transactions last week got me feeling optimistic about the season ahead.

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I hope for their great fans that Masoli is the answer. But injuries do tend to pile up as you get older & Masoli has missed 28 games the past 3 seasons. So - buy, sell, hold? I definitely have a hold here.

Stamps have some signings to do. Bringing back Orimolade (2023 CFLPA All-star DE) Western MOP Lemon & Thurman is key. With All-Star Rose signed, the Stamps would once again have the best front 7 in the league. And with a dominant OL they arguably have the best group on both sides of the trenches. I'm in for a "buy" on the Stamps this year.

The Bombers are rolling the dice having signed 9 of their 12 players 33 & over this year. Very reminiscent to me of the Edmonton club after their 5th of 5 in a row. After 6 consecutive 1st place finishes & West Final champs, they went from 25-5-1 in their previous 2 seasons to 8-8, 3rd place & a loss in the West Final - too old. Winnipeg 26-6 the last 2 years - eerily similar. An even dozen of the old "veterans" in Edmonton were gone within a year. Sound familiar?

The problem is two fold. It's not just that the Bombers are virtually staying pat but that the teams behind them are entering their prime. Calgary's front 7, if re-signed, has 1 starter over 30. The Bombers front 4 has 1 under 30, a soon to be 35 yr old LB & a WIL also over 30 who has had 1 healthy season in his 5. Same with the OL - only Dennis is over 30, Bombers have 3 starters older than Derek. I'm not "sold" on the Bombers - that's no secret. But there are reasons behind that. Father time is undefeated.

I can't help but agree with you! The Bombers are reaching retirement age. Not all will be able to give the best performance and the Younger teams (like Calgary , BC, Edmonton) are hungry. Will this year be the one where the Bombers get overtaken by the hungry and younger team(s)? Last year they tasted defeat for the first time in 3 years. Is that the beginning of the end of this team's victories? Or is there still enough fuel in the tank for one last push? Can't wait for the start of the season to find out.