Steinberg's MMQB: Hear the Lions roar

The BC Lions were staring at a golden opportunity heading into Saturday night. Calgary had lost the night before, while Edmonton was in a tough spot to close out the week against Winnipeg. Well, the Lions took care of business with their third straight win and the Elks would eventually lose later that night. As a result, BC now sits second in the West Division with a decent cushion on their two Alberta rivals.

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The Week 8 match-up with the Saskatchewan Roughriders on the road versus the B.C Lions should be a hard fought battle for sole possession of second place in the West division. Here are the 3 keys to victory.
1. Team who out rushes their opponent
2. Special teams
3. Team who wins turnovers
May the best team win. :star_struck: :hash: :two: :wc: :canada: :football:

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Can't you read a simple standings chart? The Blue Bombers are the team with the best defensive record - only allowing 98 points through 7 games. BC has only played 6 games and has allowed 106 points. Sometimes I think these writers can't read.

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"As a result, BC now sits second in the West Division with a decent cushion on their two Alberta rivals." Lions are designated as 3rd place due to their loss to Sask. Get your facts straight Pat.

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I have to listen to this idiot everyday in Calgary on the AM radio station. Even his co-hosts on the radio show think he's a tool

He does seem to be doing his best to play things up about BC. The first part is true. Relax man, mistakes get made. Do you have any idea the kind of timelines people have in depleted newsrooms these days?

You sure are prickly Dude. Again, he's trying to talk up BC. There is a bit of journalistic license here. He making a point relative to their "Alberta rivals". As far as their record is concerned they are tied for second. Toronto also gets "designated" second to Hamilton because the Ticats scored more points in their head-to-heads even though they split them. Big woop. It's week 7. They're tied for 1st.

What you call 'journalistic license' is just plain old sloppy, inaccurate journalism in my eyes(& others as the comments note)As for being prickly, well it's my job & I do it well!

I actually didn't even need to write that sentence. I was trying to be diplomatic. Toronto and Hamilton are tied for first. Saskatchewan and BC are tied for second. No license required. I don't really have much truck for folks going out of their way to find fault in someone else based on the flimsiest of technicalities. Even if there is really an error, fine there is error. Comment and make note of it, don't be a jerk about it.

Journalism? these guys are sports writers not journalists!!

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If Fajardo was taking any heat it would only have been from the bandwagon jumping wacko faction and they aren't worth worrying about anyway. A lot of them actually seem to work for tsn.

They're hacks.

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Reading your crap in here makes you the idiot dude!!!!

I'm genuinely shocked that you can even read!!!