Steinberg's MMQB: Harris powers Bombers to GC108

Did the Winnipeg Blue Bombers look rusty in certain areas of their game in Sunday’s Western Final? Yes, yes they did. At times the still-defending Grey Cup champions absolutely looked like a group that hadn’t played a meaningful game in more than a month. But you know who didn’t? The still-defending Grey Cup Most Valuable Player.

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What a bummer! My Riders nearly pulled it off! 4 excellent playoff games to watch so far this playoff and the Riders proved they are for real. I would even have to say that the officiating has been reasonably good this playoffs. This all bodes well for the CFL and hopefully fans come out again next year. The League is in trouble if the stands stay empty.

I do not want to take anything away from Harris, but the Winnipeg O line gets the credit on his yardage totals. It is the best O line in the league. Thanks Riders for an exciting year of football. Next year we take Goliath down! Good bye till 2022!

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My Riders & My Argos both lost ,yes 2 loves,I think it means The Lord not pleased with me

Cheer up my friend, that is not what it means! LOL

It was great to see more fans in Toronto. It sure added a lot to the telecast. If only Torontonians could appreciate what they have. Argos have won a lot of Grey Cups and have a good team. A lot to look forward to next year. Both games yesterday were thrillers!

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The stands were full this Sunday. Oddly enough it was Regina that had a dissappointing playoff turnout. They usually show up by the tractor loads.

I expect all you Rider fans to be back on top of things next year (especially after your manager goes out and gets two shiny new offensive linemen to restore the balance of power in The West).

The o line is great, but it's Harris taking advantage of it. On one of the td's the hole he ran through was a blink of the eye, quarter second. That's just next level

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