Steinberg's MMQB: Handing out mid-season awards

With Week 8 in the books, we are exactly halfway through the 2021 CFL season. That means it’s time for the mid-season award conversation to kick into high gear. I’ve got my choices for five of the league’s major individual awards with a few honourable mentions for good measure. Let’s see how close these are come the end of the season.

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Hard to argue with the first two picks for sure. the Bombers are top of the class.

Very well done Pat Steinberg. The only change I would make is Most Outstanding Canadian-The league leader in tackles Jordan Williams is my number 1. :top: :canada:

so, just looking at QBs, how is Collaros MOP over Reilly who has higher efficiency, notably less INTs, more yards, and higher pass completions pct ?

is this guy just plain blinded by team win numbers?

There's more to a QB than just passing stats. Why is BC so far back in the standings if reilly is Allah's gift to the cfl? He seems to falter at the worst times, but his numbers are good :man_shrugging:

Don't forget you're arguing someone's opinion about a Award that doesn't exist lol

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There is so many reasons for losing than the quality of the QB. Like muffed punts, etc

The refs and the kickers are the scapegoats of football. A good QB would've taken care of business himself.
I guess we'll see how they compare this week

There's no better player than Jefferson on either side of the ball but Collaros is your MOP... :thinking:

I thought the same. No disrespect to Zach but you can't be the best player in the league if you're not the best player on your team. Thay would be Willie J so far.

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Well I guess that settles that. Reilly looked terrible in the second half.
End of second quarter he made a nice drive of 7-8 completions and then threw 2 terrible passes. Makes him look good in stats, but in reality BC was still in the game and that could've been a huge momentum shift

Nothing settled except that WPG D is super. Collaros lucky he doesnt have to play against his own D

Collaros; 28/33, 2 td
Reilly; 17/27, 0 td

OK bud, you got me reply Reilly for MOP.

MOP race update, 2021-10-02.

1a Zach Collaros
1b Willie Jefferson
1c Jackson Jeffcoat