Steinberg's MMQB: Defensive dominance

When they’re on, no CFL team has a better defensive line than the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Well, much like it has been for the last month, Hamilton’s front four was in dominant form in Sunday’s Eastern Semi-Final. Dylan Wynn, Julian Howsare, Ted Laurent, and Ja’Gared Davis were just too much to handle for Montreal and they led the way in a 23-12 win.

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Great read and insight Pat Steinberg-My heart goes out to future HOF Rene Paredes. It was not the Stamps year, and perhaps destiny awaits the Saskatchewan Roughriders in this crazy 2021 season :question:

I don't feel Paredes is as good as he's been in the past. In the past he hit game winning and tying FGs. Age has caught up to the vet and he single handedly kicked his Stamps out of the playoff race yesterday. Boy, for a team that was supposed to be full of new blood and youngsters mixed in with veteran stars, the vets sure let the Red Nation down this season. The Stamps need to ship out the old blood and start anew again. Huff will probably be cleaning some house this offseason.

Euh no. Paredes is still amazing, one bad game does not change that. He was arguably the best player for calgary this season. Every great kicker had a bad game. Medlock had some terrible games but it does not change he was still automatic for most. Bo on the other hand is most likely done. If the stamps stick with him instead of maier they will regret it big time.

Nah, disagree here. Huff & Dickenson have been all about stability. Some changes coming of course, but not 'cleaning house'. Just can't see them admitting the team they've built doesn't cut it. It would surprise me if it happened that way.

Tragedy was averted after an incident in the Hamilton Tiger-cats dressing room after their Grey Cup quarter-finals victory over the Montreal Alouettes. Early reports say that linebacker Jovan Santos-Knox leapt out of the team hot tub and found William Stanback still in his pocket.

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Santos-Knox sounds like a player who's got a bright future in CFL management. He wears his dirty clothes while hot tubbing to cut down on team cleaning costs. If he'd thrown his soiled gear straight into the wash like all the other wasteful players William Stanback would be dead by now. No wonder Montreal is so far ahead of everyone else when it comes to stretching a buck at the expense of personal hygiene. Good for you Stinky Santos! :smiley: :+1:

Winnipeg could use a kicker. They would be all over this guy if Stamps let him go.

Maybe. Unless whoever we activate for the Cup does really well, in which case O'Shea will give that guy every opportunity to play his way off or onto the team next season. Peredes is too good not to find work somewhere. What makes you think he won't stick with Calgary? Hufnagel's no bunny when it comes to talent.

No way Stamps let him go because of Sundays game. Some Stamp fans think he should go.

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Don’t think Paredes will be going anywhere. And I think Winnipeg will be fine with Castillo. Neither of them are as automatic as Medlock was for big game field goals, although Medlock wasn’t the best punter I’ve ever seen. Ironic that Paredes and Castillo were both Winnipeg finds.

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