Steinberg's MMQB: Chris Jones making his mark

The 2022 CFL Draft has come and gone and the Edmonton Elks were the stars of the show. Chris Jones is back as head coach and general manager and he was calculated and aggressive in his first draft back at the helm. You never know for sure how things are going to go coming out of a draft any given year, but I sure like what Jones and the Elks did last week.

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O’Donnell is from the University of Alberta.

Correct Lund - CARTER O'Donnell is a U of A grad.

IMO the Hamilton & Montreal trades worked out for everyone. In short, Montreal gets Richards, Cats get Saxelid & McDonald, Elks get Makonzo, Ford & a LS, Adjey, to replace 40 yr old Rempel - maybe O'Donnell. I don't think anyone lost on those deals.

Luketa was predicted by pretty much everyone to be the RB's territorial exemption. No brainer for sure. What I don't get is on the CFL's transaction wire for May 2 the Riders added 3 players noted as territorial exemptions. What's up with that?

Jones is as appealing as Trump ( which means some will like his style). Good luck. EE must have been beyond desperate.