Steinberg's MMQB: Bombers readying for another run

In professional sports, in the salary cap era, it’s vital to maximize a winning window. By winning the last two Grey Cups, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have already done an outstanding job at doing just that. But give general manager Kyle Walters credit: Two titles is great, but he knows the window is still open. This off-season continues to prove that the Bombers are adamant about keeping their spot on top of the CFL mountain.

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How often in the past have we seen championship teams disintegrate as players take their newfound status & run? Walters seems to have found some magical duct tape to hold this team together. A threepeat is looking like a distinct possibility.


I give O'Shea lots of credit as well, he strongly encourages the players & family are friends outside of the game.

Great optics, including some players choosing to move their families to Winnipeg.

How terrible would it be stuck with Adam Bighill as a neighbor.

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True ,nuff. Walters/Shea have created a winning atmosphere that makes players want to stay, exactly the opposite of what the Elk(s) had to deal this year,

The atmosphere in the Bombers organization is amazing and currently second to none in professional sports. Being a Winnipegger, this is easy to recognize as it has never been seen on the Bombers before, much less on the Jets. As I’ve said before, what the players are saying and doing, including moving here, is far more than the usual lip service by almost every player on every team. I am not sure who deserves most of the credit for the current culture, Miller, Walters, O’Shea or others, but they all deserve some. It goes to show how having a solid organization from top to bottom reaps all kind of benefits, both intangible and real.

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No games get played in January though, do they Steinberg?

I'm confused. Where did he say that the Bombers won their 3rd Grey Cup in a row??:person_shrugging::person_shrugging:

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