Steinberg's MMQB: Biggest departures in the West

We’re continuing to get you set for the 2021 season as we’re now less than three weeks from the start of training camp. With two free agency periods to catch up on and plenty of shuffling, we’re catching you up on roster changes across the league. Last week we focused on the East Division’s most significant departures, and this week we’re dialing in on the West.

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Riders picked up Lacey. If he's as good as he was 1st time around I suspect the WIL goes import for this year & there's no dropoff there. I like the Riders LB corps, especially if they move Purifoy up to SAM.
Stamps have some good receivers. Jorden makes up for one of the losses. Rogers was a TD machine & Begelton is a huge loss. Bottom line - they're better with them than w/o them & Bo would be the 1st to agree.
Medlock is going to be difficult to replace & he's a huge part of their offence.
Probably no dropoff on Elks. Gable's 33 so they're moving on. Cooper is a loss but, as you say, Williams comes in & has more carries & a better yds/carry avg than Cooper.
BC - Grymes is very good but so is Sayles & they also added Ladler & Cioffi. BC should be good in the backfield.
All these guys are big losses, for sure. Some teams, as you suggest, can come out all right. It looks to me that the Bombers have the biggest chore covering the loss.