Steinberg's MMQB: Appreciating the East Division

It’s official: three teams from the East Division are post-season bound in 2021. You might ask yourself: why is that significant? Well, this is the first time in five seasons we aren’t seeing a crossover team appear in the Eastern Semi-Final. Knowing how the balance of power has slanted to the West for the last decade, I think some cap tips to Hamilton, Toronto, and Montreal are in order.

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I'm not sure what to make of Arbuckle. He showed promise in Calgary with one or two real good games. But, they let him go. Yes, BLM was playing well and it makes sense they release him. But really he has gone off the map. He had a pretty good game against for the Argo's over Winnipeg this year, but really the run game was what got TO past the Bombers. Edmonton's release of Harris was a good move, in my opinion. I think he is going to be a guy who can back up in Montreal but I still choose Vernon Adams as my starter there. Basically Edmonton swapped out Harris for Arbuckle. More longterm upside with Arbuckle and likely a cheaper option. But, I don't think he will change Edmontons fortune around. They will be in for a better record next year but likely missing the playoffs again. If Vernon Adams gets healthy for the playoff I will pick Mtl in the East final at Hamilton, with Mtl taking out TO in the semi. I like V.A., Stanback, Lewis and the receivers but Hamilton will prevail in a good game for the east final. Hamilton-Bombers in the GC.

Sorry but , although I'm not an Edmonton fan, I disagree with you. 1st Arbuckle was let go because with Mitchell's salary of $700,000 the cap couldn't afford Arbuckle too. But since Arbuckle left Calgary , he wasn't really given much of an opportunity to show his talent. He was traded to Ottawa but before he could even put on a RB jersey he was let go. Argos picked him up , but injuries limited his playing along with the decision to go with Betha-Thompson as the starter. 2nd: if Edmonton stay with Arbuckle , and their lineup of star receivers. I can see the Elks moving out of the basement and making the playoffs. However the Elks have to make another decision during off season for that to happen. That is whether to stay with HC Elizondo or move on with someone else. There is a problem this year in Edmonton and getting rid of Harris with all the talent Edmonton has was only a start for a turn around. Cornelius should be more successful with all those talented receivers at his disposal. Last game he posted 322 yards & 2 TD to Farjardo's 241 yards ,1 TD, 1 Interception.The only common denominator is the HC and the play calling. But then that's my opinion, I'm a Stamp fan.

What's this media fascination with 300 yd passing games? I'd rather a guy throw for 245 and win. As many of Masoli's 300 yd games wind up as losses as they do wins.

Masoli plays quarterback. If he passes for 300 yards, 75% completion rate, 3 TDs and no interceptions, a loss can't be blamed on him. He's done all that he can do. If a running back rushed for 150 yards and scored 2 touchdowns, would you blame him if the team lost?