Steinberg's MMQB: Another box checked for Rourke

Nathan Rourke has been THE story of the first half of the season. The BC Lions quarterback is rewriting the record book and is the main thrust behind his team’s 7-1 record. But as Rourke’s first year as a professional starter rolls on, he’s facing new challenges along the way. Saturday night at McMahon Stadium was one of those examples…and Rourke passed with flying colours.

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Great article Pat Steinberg. :100: The Calgary Stampeders "Prevent Defense" :sweat_smile: helped Nathan Rourke complete all 4 passes for their final drive which was aided by a 15 yard RTP penalty on Stamps Cameron Judge. :face_with_peeking_eye:

I agree with everything said about Leggio, however, it should never have gotten to that situation. Winnipeg had stopped Mtl on 3rd and goal. Of wait, Rutledge lined up offside (how defensive personnel keep doing that ON THE GOAL LINE is beyond me) and Mtl got a fresh set and the game is history. No one should try and hang the loss solely on Leggio


Solid take on Rourke and somewhat unexpected. It's about that time in Canada when the tide turns against a Canadian excelling, with people searching for faults or reason to bring down those who accomplish. I'm enjoying all the celebration for now but expect the negatory comments to come soon enough.

Correct, except in this case it would be more limited to the team(s) he is playing or just played. Otherwise, most people will appreciate he is a Canadian QB doing very well..... after 5 plus years of (if) doing well and still in playing in the CFL then....Yup.

Rourke has played excellant football and against some pretty tough teams. Yes he has made a few mistakes but show me a QB that hasn't and I'll show you a fantasy. He and the Lions get behind but Nathan hangs in, stays calm and gets the job done. OK he hasn't played that many games yet but is that his fault? I think if he continues to post "W"s and doesn't fall completely apart in this 2nd half of the season he needs the nood as MVP this year regardless of who wins the Cup.
But that isn't saying the Lions won't be there in Regina thanks to Rourke. And when they do get the "W" Campbell gets COY for putting together a terrific team.

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The shade that Bomber fans are throwing Rourke’s way when it comes to the MOP discussion is laughable. What he is doing each week is historic and unprecedented since the early 90’s….maybe ever. Did the Bombers steamroll the Lions in there so only meeting? Of course and they played like the champs but Rourke settled in and played decent football the rest of that game. Collaros was outstanding in their head to head matchup but he has played plenty of mediocre stretches against poorer competition and the Bombers D and special teams have closed the deal. Rourke has been torching lesser opponents at epic rates as a 2nd year starter.

Here is my challenge to the naysayers, name me a comparable player who has exceeded Rourke’s start in 2022….any team…any era?

Otherwise let’s just enjoy the homegrown supernova that makes his games must see TV regardless of your loyalties

To be clear, I was not putting Nathan down in any way all. I'm fully in support of a great Canadian QB, just like BO (though not Canadian) when he was good he was very good, age and injuries have taken that from him, to live in his past is not smart. Long before anyone can predict Nathan as "Next greatest QB, winning GC's" meh, who knows perhaps. Fajardo was the last QB who was going to be the GOAT, I personally hope Nathan is successful, but long before he is, Nathan will need to earn it. Again I suspect the WSF & WF will be the 2 best games of the payoffs. I don't know who will be there. I truly hope it will be the teams who are playing best in late November, regardless of who it is.

I have enjoyed the Nathan Rourke Air Raid Show to date and the receivers he has to work with have been stellar. I would have loved to hear the noises on the Stamps bench on that last drive. Rourke was world class when it mattered the most.