Steinberg's MMQB: An excellent season debut for Rourke

Some have called Nathan Rourke the most exciting quarterback to come through the CFL Draft in decades. Personally, I’ve been on the “future superstar” bandwagon for some time. Rourke looked every bit of those lofty accolades on Saturday night.

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Best part of the Lions stomping is , with this week's bye, we get to revel in it for 2 weeks before getting back to facing reality. Good times, we'll bask in it while we can.

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First off, congrats Porkypine. Your Lions LOOKED awesome.

I have a feeling that you and a bazillion CFL fans (just a rough estimate) are going to be glued to their screens as Toronto plays its first game of the season against Montreal this Thursday. We'll all get to see what kind of test BC's going to face in Week 3.

Will the Argos PLEASE give us a sign that BC's sudden success was no fluke? Thanks in advance.

Porky, there's no argument that Edmonton was a total bust. I think my late grandmother could've beaten them with one zombie arm tied behind her back. On the other hand I can't dismiss that crazy good lop-sided performance as a one-off so I'm cautiously optimistic.

IMHO as long as the Lions can keep their emotions in check and stay focused MAYBE they won't get their heads handed to them by a serious contender... like Winnipeg. Then again, MAYBE it's the Lions who are a serious contender now and maybe it's Winnipeg who's going to get eaten this time. For all we know Porky's team is the real deal.

Nathan Rourke and company are certainly exciting to watch. I sure hope their next home game has another 30,000 plus screaming fans in attendance. That was almost dreamlike. If Toronto can muster 20,000 for Thursday's game I'll be pinching myself to see if I'm really awake.

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I'd love to see the day when we don't blink twice at huge attendance numbers. It was heart warming to see so many in the stands. I originally thought, during the concert, that nobody was in the upper deck, only to smile later when I realized that only one side was open (the side they didn't show during the concert) & there were of lot of bodies up there. Great start to the season.

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