Steinberg's MMQB: All kinds of quarterback questions

We have a trio of 0-2 teams through the first two weeks of the season and all three of those teams have major quarterback questions to address going into Week 3. In one team’s case it’s Week 4. How those questions are answered could very well determine how quickly some of these seasons get back on track.

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Not one word about Zach Colloras???

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At least for now, there are really no questions about Zach Vollaros.


Not sure Maier was that good. He would have had under 200 yards if not for big screen pass and crossing route late in the game. He looked average at best to me.

esks don’t have a true starter, kinda like the 60’s

Not a fan of Randy Kerbow or Corey Colehour?

more a fan of Don Trull and Terry Baker

Charlie Fulton could not throw a 20 yard pass but he won some games on pure gut.