Steinberg's MMQB: A showcase week across the league

Week 6 of the 2022 season was the loudest indicator yet that the CFL’s on-field product is alive and thriving. After an important return to play in 2021, the league is back for the first full season since 2019 and Week 6 was a showcase for so many different reasons.

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BACK-TO-BACK CHAMPS have now sent
Ottawa, Toronto, BC, and now Calgary into bye weeks with huge L's in their record. Elks are next


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The stamps will dominate on the 30th
Hope the refs stay out of the way

I am a Cat fan - for good or bad this is what I am. However, I thought the Argo and Rider game was a great game for the down easterners to see. It was a rough and ready game and it was entertaining - it showed how great the CFL can be. I really, really, really hope that Halifax gets a team - soon! It would help the league and Canada to come together.

Great games all across the league this past weekend and although its always fun watching a game at IG field, it was particularly electric on Friday. Should be a great return match in Calgary on the 30th.

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It's hard for the refs to stay out of the way for all the Riders' racist taunts, low tackles, spitting, throwing helmets. Disgusting.

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They will probably dominate the bad penalty stat Line again

I fully agree the game in Atlantic Canada was a great matchup for the most part, by coming down to the last gun before a winner was declared. But where I found it disgusting was the ignorant playing of some of those Riders. It all started off with Duke Williams throwing a helmet at Richardson before the game even got under way. There were a number of misconduct penalties handed out to both teams. A couple on the same play. And I think one player was ejected from the game in the dyeing seconds of the 4th Q. That was a disgraceful display for those people in Atlantic Canada to see given they are contemplating getting a team of their own. I hope it hasn't turned any Atlantic Fans off.
Both Teams had over 120 yards in penalties. But karma finally got in there and awarded the Argos because the Rider's playing was disgusting given the game before with Marino.

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From what I heard over the Radio Broadcast it was chippy both ways. Honestly people need to stop hating on the Riders because of 2 of players.The Argos honestly confuse me. Are they good? Or do the teams they play choke against them? Time will tell.

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So, you're getting your excuses set up already?


Too funny.

Bigreded is probably right though. The Stamps will likely dominate on the 30th. They'll run up and down the field against us just like last time. But will the refs stand in their way of scoring once they get inside the Red Zone? Nah.

Once Dickenson's offense slices though us like butter running the ball down our throats again, they'll stupidly throw two incompletions in a row every time and settle for three. Either that or they'll turn the ball over on downs. That's what they do. :grin:

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Maybe we'll see another 0-4 third quarter from BLM, or maybe him grounding the ball from the endzone?

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I can see it now.

On second and goal Bo Levi Micheal decides to take off and run as Bighill closes in. Then just before Biggie lowers the boom Bo smartly tosses the ball into an empty part of the endzone which ends the play. Catastrophic hit avoided (whew!).

But then a flag comes out for intentional grounding...

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