Steinberg's MMQB: A question for every West Division team

Dang it sure was nice to see pre-season football back on the field this weekend. We are now less than two weeks away from the start of the regular season and rosters are starting to take shape across the league.

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With BC Lions, the big question remains: How will Rourke survive virtually the same O-Line that has been questionable, to be polite, for the past two seasons? How can he learn the position when successful plays will be called back for holding? It's a horrible position to put the young man, a target on his back for defences, who will take great delight in sacking and mauling the QB. Look at what happened to QB Kevin Thomson in the first preseason game!!! Yikes.

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2021 CFL season , Blue Bombers were # 1 least sacks against at 16 , Lions were at # 5 sacks against 34, Red Blacks sacks against a CFL worst ranking # 9 at 53

I think that Jameer thurman will have an excellent year for the stamps, but during the game on Saturday the stamps had a hard time covering the pass game. So yes jameer will do great but what about the other 11 guys on the stamps defense?