Steinberg's MMQB: A question for every team in the Semi-Finals

Welcome to the 2021 CFL post-season. After all kinds of effort went into planning and playing a 14-game season, we’re finally here. With Sunday’s kickoff of the Eastern Semi-Final, it’ll be more than two years between CFL playoff games, but our matchups are set and ready to go.

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I just can not get excited about Trevor Harris. But I love the Receivers Montreal has and in my opinion Stanback is MOP. I like the QB tandem in Hamilton, the RB Jackson and I have to believe that Banks is going to turn it on eventually. Time is running out. I picked Hamilton in the Grey Cup so I am going to stick with them this weekend at home. 24-17 Cats.

I will beg to differ with the article...sort of. The Calgary Defence did chase Fajardo all over the field making his receivers irrelevant. But, I believe this has more to do with the inability of the Rider O- Line then it does with the Calgary D. Simply because it happened in most games, not just Calgary. If the blocking for Fajardo improves I like the Riders chances because the receivers have been bolstered by Evans and Williams. But if Fajardo is scrambling for his life, these two guys likely will not be a factor in the game. This game will be won in the trenches, so I give the edge to Calgary in OT. In 3 games the total point differential has been 11 points. It will be another close one and likely a bitterly cold evening at Mosaic. 17-14 Stamps

Should be close games so toss up on both contests. Moi, Bo likes Mosaic. Riders have 1 win @ home vs Stamps the past 7 seasons (2021 incl.). Matchup is Stamps 2nd most passing yds/game & 2nd most big play pass vs Riders 2nd most passing yds/game allowed & MOST big play pass allowed. Riders give up almost 9 yds/pass (2nd worst). Riders good vs run overall but Carey #2 rushing & averaged 6.9 yds/carry vs Riders. Despite slow start, Stamps more pts for, less pts against. I'll take Stamps with or w/o Williams.
Don't trust Harris or Masoli. Als have running game which TiCats don't. Both teams have good receivers. Both defences good. Als # 2 vs pass & tops in sacks. Ham # 1 vs rush. Flip a coin. I'll give TiCats the edge due to home advantage - even though the season series was split & the home team lost both.
Confidence level on both - 0%.

                            MOSCA STYLE

The Tiger-Cats win the semi-final by monster front-four defensive attacks that will keep Trever Harris off balance and unable to reach the two Montreal receivers that are, without a doubt, the equivalent of two Banks of 2019. Davis, Wynn, Laurent, and Howshare must be the most heroic, doing the win, the Mosca style.

I am bleeding green with bandages from last game. O line is the key and the one guy we leaned on for years decided not to play for the discounted salary. Tis our winter of our discount tent.
I pray for killer cold because Bo cannot throw in cold and cannot run much any more. Jake is more of a worry. Put 2 backs in 60 percent of time. With Fagaro running as well, we get an old school win. Not flashy but Beary Beary beastie.

But no mention how Calgary beat Winnipeg with our backup quarterback.

Stamps could have used him in the West Final lol