Steinberg's MMQB: A question for each non-playoff team

While the playoffs were already set heading into week 21, it didn’t feel right wrapping up the years for Edmonton, Saskatchewan and Ottawa until they had played all their games. Now that the regular season is done, we can start to look ahead to the off-season for 2022’s non-playoff squads. I’ve got one question for each of them.

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Nothing. Fajardo is being unfairly scape-goated.

As long as the Riders have a manager who can't wrap his head around the importance of adequate pass protection in a league that's PASS PASS PASS... no top tier quarterback better than the one they already have will sign with Saskatchewan.

If the Green Meanies want to get out of the joke column they HAVE to clean house NOW.

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Saskatoon should get a team.

Two CFL QBs moving on! One was a class act and the other a cry baby. Pro sports always have change as a driving force and no one is indispensable! Cody Fajardo needs to grow up and realize that. Maybe take a few lessons from Bo Levi Mitchell who didn't blame anyone but himself for the change.

Fajardo wasn't the problem. Our coaching staff was the team's biggest problem this year.

Jason Maas ran one of the most predictable and ineffective offenses I've seen in a long time. Some of that might be the sheer ineptitude of the offensive line that prevented 90% of our playbook from being viable, but I still feel like he could have done better than he did.

Craig Dickenson absolutely needs to go, though. He had no control over the team, which was by far the most undisciplined team in the league. Stupid penalties cost us a lot of games and his questionable decisions cost us some too.

I'm on the fence about Jeremy O'Day. He's done some good things in the past but this year, for whatever reason, was atrocious. As a former offensive lineman himself, he knows the importance of the O-Line and yet he did nothing to improve it. But despite that, I still feel like he can save his job by firing all the coaching staff and cleaning up the roster, but I also wouldn't mind just cleaning the whole house and starting again from scratch.

lol fajardo is not a “star quarterback”

When the CFL adds a 10th, you can bet that either one or both of of these will be on that team’s roster

Absolutely couldn't agree more!!!
Fajardo is not a Franchise QB, a short yardage work horse at best. And Mason fine is also not a Franchise QB. The Riders need to search the wilds and bring in a YOUNG competitor that they can build a Franchise around. Like DD was years back.
Dickenson is not a good Head Coach.....period. Lets all hold hands and sing Cumbaiah. My lord its a football team not a Cub/Scout camp. Kick some butt, sit some players.......who's in charge anyway????
Jason Mass has never been a creative offensive schemer.
And Jeremy O'day well his NON moves during free agency was a crime....ESPECIALLY ON OFFENSIVE LINE>
Very frustrated AND angry

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Two CFL QBs moving on! One was a class act and the other a cry baby. Pro sports always have change as a driving force and no one is indispensable! Cody Fajardo needs to grow up and realize that. Maybe take a few lessons from Bo Levi Mitchell who didn't blame anyone but himself for the change.


Fully agree.

When Bo Levi Mitchell was relegated to backup, he said he wasn't happy about it, understood why the coach did it & he had the right to make the decisions he thought best for the team. He denied he was looking at getting traded & intended to be a supportive teammate. And that was the end of it. Cody Fajardo, when sat down, said he wasn't happy about it &, eventually post-game, said he "hoped there was another team who would like to have him" - in essence, saying he was done in Regina.

Fajardo has called out his receivers & seems to have a difficult time taking criticism IMO. Where is there a landing spot for him outside Regina? BC has Rourke, Edm already has 2 younger guys who can run, there's Maier, Collaros, Harris, Masoli, McBeth & Evans. Is Fajardo a far demonstrably better option as starter than any of those guys? I'm not sure. Now Cody says he'd like to be back in Regina. Maybe he's had a look at what's out there. Just sayin'.

Neither is Collaros, IMHO. I also think Fajardo has at least as much potential, if not more. The difference is that Zach is surrounded by a team that allows him to play at his full potential while Cody is stuck on a team that would make anyone look like a high-school QB.

Get him an offensive line that can give him a few steamboats and receivers who won't give up on the play, and I bet Fajardo could bring home a championship or two.

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The Brian thrust of the Riders was misfiring all season. Why was Jeremy O’Day only signing linebackers in mid season when he had a healthy Micah Teitz sitting on the Injury réserve list? And a Canadian to boot. A obvious Brian fart.

And our so called coach who couldn’t say a firm word to discipline the trouble makers. Another brain fart. The reason our Dickenson sits at the “kiddie table” is plain to see. The other brother (Dave) is by far a head coach who knows when to crack the whip. Maybe Craig should be relegated to the front porch at this year’s Dickenson Christmas dinner?

I Respect the opinion. Who would be the star QB of the league then?

Sasketkatchewan offensive line, defense line and receivers were horrible this year. No protection up front for Cody and the defensive line non-existent on the last 2 games of the season. Duke Williams the highest paid receiver but he is useless. Always on the injured list, always hurting himself and didn't do anything good for the team. During the off season they need to upgrades the offensive line, defensive line, receivers and QB if they want to be competitive for 2023 season.

I'm not sure I'd say we have one, to be honest. Most of the QBs this year were young with little to no experience. The ones that have been around for a while have either been backups or split starting duties with someone else for most of their careers, Collaros included. And none of them had particularly impressive stats this year. Zach may have been the best overall QB this season but the bar wasn't set very high.

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After looking at Burris stats I have to whole heartedly agree with you that QB play has gone down drastically. :+1:t2: