Steinberg's MMQB: A lot to like in Edmonton

The Edmonton Elks had been building to their first win all season. After a not-so-great start to 2022 in BC, the Elks have taken incremental steps each week since and it all culminated with Friday’s thrilling comeback in Hamilton. It was a much-needed win for Edmonton and gives them something to build on going into a Week 5 rematch with Calgary.

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EEs steps are baby steps so far, but you have to go through that before you can walk, let alone run with the pack. You have to like the fact they're at least heading in the right direction.


If Hamilton wins their next 2 games they will have a 2-4 record after one third of the season. If the Redblacks win their next 3 games, they will be 3-3 at the one third mark of season. :sos: No where to go but :arrow_up_small:

For the East Division, i think Hamilton will go into Labour Day winless. Their confidence is shattered in blowing big leads.. Ottawa will certainly pick it up. They have the tools. Toronto as well. Montreal needs to settle on a starting QB going forward and stick with him.

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@porkyPine: With Edmonton in last place is there any other direction but up? :smiley: LOL :smiley: And let's not forget it is only 1 game against another last place team.

In order to win 2 games you have win one game first. LOL! In the long run I doubt Edmonton will be in the Grey Cup but I think as the season progress they will give the Edmonton fans something to cheer about.

Well they could be losing their games by ever increasing amounts, that would be the wrong direction.(I'm grasping here).

Whew - - back from a few weeks vacation - - so what’s happening? Agree with you PorkyPine – at least the ‘baby steps’ are for the better. It will take some time with new coaches, new offence/defence systems, and 2/3rds of the roster turned over. Liked what Tre Ford and Kai Locksley have been doing and the linebacker core is steadily improving – limited the run – solid game. Not expecting miracles this year - - just want them to be competitive! Cheers!

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There was lots to like in Hamilton. Field position was one thing. Turnovers was part two. We finally looked good on the SAM side corner, which was swiss cheese all season up to Friday night and from the number of tackles the Cats knew that.

The guy nobody has talked about was Hutter at safety who was really solid with 5 tackles and a forced fumble.
That and we finally figured out Lite can carry the ball and put up 35 yards on 4 carries which says - get the guy the ball more.

Should be interesting against Calgary this week.

If by interesting do you mean interesting how badly the Elks are going to get beaten or is there like some interesting half time show that I'm not aware of?

I mean they only won by 7 points the last time we met a couple weeks ago. That plus 3 of the 4 Elks games so far have been Western opponents.

I get that but what percent of the Elks team will be the same come game day? I see improvement in the Elks but it's gonna be a beatdown (and I hate the Stamps so those words leave my lips with a small bit of bile)